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crown ducal striping

This is the vintage teacup that I began as my demo on patterned watercolours last Saturday with The Spotted Dog art group.

crown ducal in progress

As usual it’s a brightly coloured painting – a typical Claire Leggett painting! but maybe a little more so because it wasn’t an especially well lit room and I may have over compensated with my choice of orange hue!

Crown Ducal

I’ll let you be the judge of that – I have spent a couple of hours finishing it off in my studio and am happy enough to say “ta daaah….”


A friend came to dinner earlier in the year and delighted me by bringing the most gorgeous box of delicately coloured French macaroons as a thank you gift.


Did we eat them? – heck no! I snaffled them up into my magpies nest (otherwise known as Mums studio) where I have been able to control the other nesting birds from eating them.


So when I was looking around to set up a painting for my new (old) gorgeous teacup I knew the time had come to use them.


Usually its hard not to eat the yummy things I’m painting but these are so out of date now that its not been difficult at all!


Here’s a little mosaic of the painting in progress. I love seeing ‘behind the scenes’ of anything so I hope some of you enjoy seeing how it developed.


© Rose Pink Macaroon Claire Leggett

And here’s the finished piece. Its turned out to be one of my favourite of recent weeks – love the colours and its just happy and cheerful! Which I hope you are too – have a great weekend.

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