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Hello! Today is the first day here that truly feels like Spring. It’s also the first day in a week that I feel well (stupid virus, nothing serious) and maybe it’s a combination of those two things that has prompted me to tidy out my iPhoto library today and come say hello with pictures.


It’s not that I haven’t been busy creating (apart from last week) but quite the opposite and once there’s too much to say I find it becomes harder to say anything.


In the last weeks the dresser got Spring cleaned – I found myself picking out yellow and pink china and it snowballed from there.


I was thrilled to get the opportunity to begin teaching one of the MAC’s adult evening Textile classes (insert whooping and cheering). This has taken me on a journey back in time and a re-birth in skills once learnt and used. I studied all kinds of Textile art for my degree before specialising in Print and it has been really invigorating prepping samples to show the students – here’s some batiking I did inspired by these gorgeous anemones.


I’m excited to see how teaching this class will develop my own work as these things always have a synergistic effect.


You know the saying “give a man a fish and you feed him for a day; teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime” well this couldn’t be truer in the context of me teaching my daughter to crochet. First she knocked out her own gorgeous Granny Square blanket as her first project, then set about a huge Granny Square blanket as a friend’s birthday gift (here’s where I got jealous!) then for Mothers Day she made me this beautiful cushion cover for a pillow on our bed 😍

C_Leggett_Lu_crochet 2

And the making = love message has been strong in our house of late as we celebrated a BIG birthday this weekend. We can’t believe our kids are 18 and 20 – where did the time go?


Lemon and Blueberry Buttermilk Cake with edible flowers for the girl who gave up chocolate for Lent.


And following the tradition to have a special item to commemorate a landmark birthday like 18, this little pumpkin asked me to knit her a cardi! Ahh…


It did nearly kill me as it’s the most complex thing I’ve done yet but that’s how you up your skills level isn’t it!


Here’s a little snap of my Spring inspired work table to leave you with. Hope the sun’s shining where you are.

Do you like vintage china? pattern? painting? Want a lovely day out with a scrummy home-cooked lunch?

Then this could be just for you –  the lovely Bev and Nigel of Old Bank Studios have booked me to teach a Pattern on Pattern Teacups watercolour (gouache) class on Saturday 5th March. 


All abilities are welcome. We will work from a still-life set up and approach the painting in stages.


Or you can go at your own pace and follow your own creative leading. Either way Bev will still cook a lovely lunch for us to eat together 😛 Booking details are here.


Then on Sunday 6th March I’m teaching All Things Bright and Beautiful (Mixed Media) again at Old Bank Studios so why not make a weekend of it? It is the Mothers Day weekend – treat yourself or come together and treat your mum!

claire_leggett_multimedia painting_BT

This is a fun way of working: layering up collaged papers and paint layers, starting out loose and experimentally and then adding increasing levels of detail. I’ll be bringing bird and butterfly reference material but you can make your canvas of any image you want.

If you want to make a weekend of it I’m sure Bev will happily suggest local accommodation – email her here or phone her on 01255 242930. You can book onto the course here.


Harwich is a bit of a drive but don’t let that put you off! (all the more reason to come for the weekend…) Bev and Nigel are two of the loveliest, most genuine people I’ve met and Old Bank Studios is a lovely setting to learn and create in. Oh and did I mention the delicious lunches…


Happy Christmas everyone! It is major clean up day here at The Leggetts ready to welcome our guests tomorrow and start celebrating.


I pimped the dresser over the weekend meaning everything came off for a wash and then only red, gold and green china went back on for the Christmas hols.


I love it 😍 and think I might colour theme it again.


I even made a little reindeer snow scene on an old tray (no accounting for size or scale!) 

So all that remains is to say Happy Holidays 🎅 and as always thank you for connecting with me here and supporting my work. See you in 2016 x


A friend came to dinner earlier in the year and delighted me by bringing the most gorgeous box of delicately coloured French macaroons as a thank you gift.


Did we eat them? – heck no! I snaffled them up into my magpies nest (otherwise known as Mums studio) where I have been able to control the other nesting birds from eating them.


So when I was looking around to set up a painting for my new (old) gorgeous teacup I knew the time had come to use them.


Usually its hard not to eat the yummy things I’m painting but these are so out of date now that its not been difficult at all!


Here’s a little mosaic of the painting in progress. I love seeing ‘behind the scenes’ of anything so I hope some of you enjoy seeing how it developed.


© Rose Pink Macaroon Claire Leggett

And here’s the finished piece. Its turned out to be one of my favourite of recent weeks – love the colours and its just happy and cheerful! Which I hope you are too – have a great weekend.


I thought I’d pop in today and show you one of my Christmas makes. I was lucky enough to find a little set of this red rose china earlier in the year at a very cheap price but there were more cups than plates. Then I  saw an article in Country Living for Teacup Candles I knew what I could do.


It turned out to be very easy to do and really fun! First melt an existing candle in a double boiler (like a bain marie). This was fun –  it smelt great and looked like raspberry jelly. I used cheap candles from Ikea but just be careful that the candle is coloured wax all the way through – I first used one that looked red but actually had a red wax jacket on the outside (like a Babybell!) Once it had melted and dried again it went a lurid peach colour and I had to start over.


Then you carefully pick the wick out from the melted wax and cut to fit the height of the teacup. It didn’t really need pegging in place as you poured but more to keep it in place as it set again.


Then you pour in the melted wax and wait. This is messy so I’d recommend paper towel under where you are pouring. Once it’s settled and set (over night is good) you melt the remaining wax again in the double boiler and top it up in the cup so that it is flat and right at the top (it drops down on the first setting).


Then I wrapped and labelled it and gave it away :)I hope you give it a go because it really was fun and makes a great little pressie. So be warned my friends – it’s teacup candles for every occasion now!

xmas cup

PS: So far it hasn’t damaged the cups at all but I can’t guarantee it that it wouldn’t stain older cups and ones with perishing glazes… just a disclaimer there before you ruin Aunt Gertie’s Art Deco china and blame me! 😉

When I was five I used to play with cups like this…

… these days it looks more like this.

I am very happy that The Great British Bake Off is back on BBC2 this Autumn.

I love baking – cakes especially, but I have long since stopped watching the show with the belief that I could do as well as the contestants.

It has become highly competitive and professional. Last week I actually empathised with the stress of not knowing how to make a creme caramel with no instructions. No doubt at all; I would have failed… spectacularly!

In the first week someone iced a cake in beautiful swirly rosettes and I gave that a go at the weekend. Suffice to say that I am not showing it here as it looks like a pink breeze block – one that got eaten pretty quickly though!

I do love though to make proper afternoon tea and get out the vintage china and cutlery, the strainer and tea leaves and the lace work or embroidered tablecloths.

There always has to be egg and cress sandwiches and a big cake. The crisps are my own modernisation!

So I shall continue to watch happy in the knowledge that shopping for vintage tea time artefacts and making any kind of cake with sugar in are my forte, and someone else can provide the entertainment!

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