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Last week found me enjoying a few days away in Wales and en-route I popped into The Welsh Quilt Centre because I had read about it in Homes and Antiques and because they have some Kaffe Fassett quilts on show there at the moment.



They were as you’d expect beautifully full of colour and style.


It was the first time that I’d really noticed how cleverly his fabric designs were cut to fit certain quilt patterns and make the most of them both; for example the stripes on the blocks – it looks from afar as if lots of individual pieces were sewn together but actually it’s stripe fabric.


I loved the way they were hung from the ceiling too, so that you could walk around them and see the back.



The other amazing thing about this place is the rescue and archiving of Welsh Whole Cloth quilts.


Jen Jones has been collecting quilts privately for many years and in 2009 set up the center. By each of the quilts are the stories of their origin if known. Some quilts have been found keeping tractors dry or cows warm.


They are amazingly beautiful in their construction because all the interest lies in the types of stitching and patterns made.


They are the perfect contrast to Kaffe Fassetts work which relies on abundant colour and pattern as these are subtle, mono-coloured, perfectly stitched textured pieces.


Hope all you quilters and Kaffe fans enjoyed all the photo’s 😉


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