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Here’s two new e mags out ready for weekend kick-back reading

Screen Shot 2012-11-30 at 09.48.54

The second issue of Moyo (from the girls behind The Art and Business of Surface Pattern Design) is out today. You can find it here.

Screen Shot 2012-11-30 at 09.53.05

And Amy Butler has published her first e-magazine called Blossom, she says “Blossom” is a visual journal that’s all about loving your life and living it fully and authentically. Filled with loads of creative ideas and inspirations, Blossom celebrates our creative expression and passions; our mantra is “Create Love, Be Kind and Express Beauty” and you can find it here.

Have a lovely weekend.

The girls behind the The Art and Business of Surface Pattern Design course have just released their first online magazine; the only magazine available that is dedicated just to surface pattern design. It is called Moyo which means pattern in Japanese.

It is packed with interviews, design briefs, colour challenges, art reviews, student showcases, design tips, inspiration, trends and more, this free resource will be published quarterly, and you can read and download the inaugural issue here!

Make a brew and have a look for a little inspiring time-out from it all.

Heres some of the designs I created in Photoshop after painting the abstracted light reflections.

We were given the brief (and template) to create a gift wrap design and also a greetings card.

I designed six patterns but I’m keeping some private for my surface pattern portfolio. And I successfully followed the tutorial for putting them in a technical repeat :0

Have great, long Bank Holiday weekend (if you live in the UK.)

A couple of months a go, as I was clearing up, I happened upon the light shining through this bubbled water-glass. It looked so interesting and the shadow was amazing; I quickly snapped a pic with my iPhone.

I’ve been playing with paints in water-related colours and looking at the shapes this shadow made, with a view to scanning it and manipulating it into a design. I’ll show you tomorrow what came of it 🙂

One of our tasks this week on the ABSPD course was to loosen up and get mark making and to even make some ‘brushes’ to mark make with.

And that’s how these crazy looking objects came about.

It made me realise how stuck in my own way of working I’ve been because when I suspended disbelief and just had a go, I came up with some very useful work.

It’s a bit like a jigsaw puzzle at the moment with each piece being created for the whole picture. I can see how useful these abstracts will be for layering into patterns as backgrounds.

I am itching for some colour though.   🙂    Soon…

I feel like I have been very distracted from here of late – good and bad distractions.

The best and happiest of these was the beginning of The Art and Business of Surface Pattern Design course, which began last Monday. I’ve done a few online classes in the last year and this is THE BEST! It’s really beautifully and thoughtfully designed and delivered (we even got sent these postcards as a welcome before class began) and I am having A BALL I tell you. But I’ll show you more later in the week, promise.

Yesterday I amazed myself by not just being out of bed in time to visit a local craft fair but in purchasing nearly all our Christmas presents for family whilst there :0 Shocking I know. Shocking because it’s still November. Shocking because I wasn’t expecting it to happen that way.  Shocking because I unexpectedly got ahead of the Christmas game. Shocking because we then went onto a second fair and did the same again.

But what a great way to shop. We got some lovely items but the best part was supporting local craft people. It felt so good to hand over cash to a Designer Maker rather than to a corporation. I may be a changed woman.

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I’ve reached the end of my #100dayproject 💪🏻 but maybe not in 100 actual days plus there are only 96 pages in my book 😉🤷🏻‍♀️ so I lost stamina towards the end and had to really search the garden for something not yet studied but I’ve done it ☺️ here’s about half of them 🖼#sketchbook #creativelifehappylife #creativityeveryday #dailypracticeofpainting #artistsoninstagram #gouache #inspiredbythegarden #artist #mygardenflowers #painting #paintersofinstagram #art#alittleeachday #gouachepainting #watercolour #watercolor #flowers #paint #sketchbookdrawing #daily #dailypracticeofpainting #watercolourpainting #paint #paintingflowers #creativity #everyday #artwork #100dayproject2021
Here’s the final few to complete my 100dayproject of painting 100 things from my garden 🌻🌿🍅🪴🌷🥬#sketchbook #creativelifehappylife #creativityeveryday #dailypracticeofpainting #artistsoninstagram #gouache #inspiredbythegarden #artist #mygardenflowers #painting #paintersofinstagram #art#alittleeachday #gouachepainting #watercolour #watercolor #flowers #paint #sketchbookdrawing #daily #dailypracticeofpainting #watercolourpainting #paint #paintingflowers #creativity #everyday #artwork #100dayproject2021
Heat fixed my prints today while plotting and planning what to make with them 🧵 🪡 #screenprinting #screenprint #print #pattern #patternmaking #screenprintinglife #printmaking #fabricdesign #makersgonnamake
Rainy day screen printing day 🌧 😌❤️ #screenprinting #screenprint #print #pattern #patternmaking #screenprintinglife #printmaking #fabricdesign #makersgonnamake

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