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Today is the last day of the Surtex show in New York and what better way to celebrate than with cupcakes.


I am a big fan of cupcakes whether that’s making them, eating them or painting them!


They don’t last long in our house so painting them is always more satisfying and longer lasting – not to mention calorie free.


One of my alter-egos would be to become a patisserie chef whipping up dainty delicacies in Paris.


But I am happiest painting them first and eating them second – it’s a good workout of the self-control muscle to see how long you can observe, record and not consume!


All my designs are available to purchase or license through Advocate Art who are on stand 416.


Christmas has come early today!


I named this Christmas wrapping design: Bouncing Bauble’s. It makes me smile.


It always foxes me that you have to think of Christmas designs during Spring in production terms. So I worked hard in Dec and Jan while I was still in the festive groove.



I love these Christmas roses, they came out just right and I like the colour palette too – so I’m hoping (fingers crossed) that a buyer will too.


All designs are available for license or sale through Advocate Art on stand 416 at Surtex.


Claire_Leggett_Collaged Flower Design Template Sunday is the first day of the Surtex show in New York.


Surtex is the biggest exhibition linking designers and manufacturers together to buy or license designs.


I so wish I was actually there but the next best thing is knowing that my agents Advocate Art are –  on stand 416.


And one my designs that are in the portfolio is Collaged Flower.

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