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The Pattern Base book

Some things are worth waiting for and this is definitely one of the them – I am actually now able to hold The Pattern Base book in my excited little hands!

The Pattern Base book 1

The Pattern Base book is by Kristi O’Meara and edited by Audrey Victoria Keiffer – cofounders of the Chicago-based design studio and online archive The Patternbase.

The Pattern Base book 2

It is a curation of 378 pages, showcasing a collection of 681 designs from 150 contemporary textile, surface, fashion, and print designers from around the world.

The Pattern Base book 3

Illustrative, abstract, geometric, floral, digital and constructed textile patterns are all represented here and all the work is by up and coming designers.

The Pattern Base book 4

I submitted my surface pattern designs way back in 2012 when this was a kick-starter idea and I had no idea that I would be fortunate enough to get two double page spreads but there I am on pages 228 and 229 🙆

Claire Leggett_The Pattern Base book

I had been working on a group of paintings at the time featuring vintage china and cutlery and had developed some elements into these two pattens.

Claire Leggett_The Pattern Base book pattern design 2

These went onto be selected to represent in the Illustrative category  – brilliant!

Claire Leggett_The Pattern Base book pattern design

It’s not everyday you get into print so I’m having a solo studio party today! 😉🎉🍸


 Thanks for all the sock love ♡ It has spurred me on and I have now finished but not photographed number two sock but they have been keeping my toes warm in bed these past nights.

cream daisy

With teenage kids around I shouldn’t feel like half term is any different to any other week – it’s not like they need entertaining anymore – but I did get distracted last week. Also the change to darker hours earlier really affects how long I have to paint in a day; so these two things combined resulted in me feeling a little discombobulated.


I decided to go with the flow and use the time to learn Illustrator to pattern design with and I’m hooked now – it’s so fast and easy. Lots more to learn but I’ve made a good start. I’ve been sewing up Flying Geese triangles for my girls Christmas quilt (feeling the pressure now it’s Nov) and just trying to chill out and play in my sketchbooks more – I have piles of inspiring reference materials so I thought now would be a good time to use it.


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