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There is a very small but sweet exhibition of some of the Scottish Colourists work from The Fleming Collection on show at the Barber Institute atm.

Peploe      Green Sea, Iona

Peploe, Cadell, Fergusson and Hunter were four friends who shared the same ideas about colour and style and were inspired by French painters experimenting with capturing light through colour.

Cadell        Carnations

They were inspired by The Fauves (which is of course why I like their work) and they also favoured bright colours, unmixed pigments and strong solid colours.

They termed their use of colour and obvious brushstrokes as ‘Rhythm’ to explain the patterning and texture on the canvas.

Hunter            Peonies in a Chinese Vase

You can forget about places when you live near them and this trip reminded me that the Barber Institutes permanent collection is also worth a visit.

The Rhythm of Light exhibition is on till 13th May 2018.

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