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Just after Christmas I had an email arrive letting me know about a couple of Open shows that I would otherwise have missed.

Well we already know how the first one panned out but what I’m delighted to say is that my painting Tea Table has been accepted for the RWS Contemporary Watercolour Competition.

Tea Table © Claire Leggett

This is a competition organised by The Royal Watercolour Society to celebrate watercolour as a vibrant medium (this includes a range of water-soluble media: watercolour, acrylic and gouache) and  I felt my work suited that brief really well and so entered three pieces of which Tea Table was chosen.

Tea Table underway back in May of last year.

What I didn’t realise at the time was that The Royal Watercolour Society is the oldest watercolour society in the world and is second only to the Royal Academy of Art in importance as an art society. Nor that the show would be in Bankside Gallery, a stone’s throw from the Tate Modern.

Tea Table set_up

I have a lot to be grateful for right now. Train tickets are booked. Outfit planning is in hand. Worrying can begin next week as there are prizes being awarded !

If you fancy seeing the show yourself it runs from 4th February – 14th March 2012 at the Bankside Gallery (and of course book your tickets to Hockney too!)

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