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We are just back from a week away in the Peak District and I had forgotten just how beautiful it was up there.

We did lots of walking as the weather was extremely kind to us and I even got to sit and sketch on a couple of days.

And we took in a lot of art when we visited Chatsworth house.

The wallpaper was AmAzInG!

There was a whole wall of Lucian Freud work.

And this Gainsborough – I didn’t notice until I looked back at the photograph that her expression is both quizzical and a bit sassy – both unusual for a woman in a portrait of that time.

And there were gorgeous Spring flowers to inspire everywhere.

And lots to eat and drink (!) and all that fresh air and lack of the usual responsibilities has re-charged my batteries.


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Been busy making patterns this week 🍂🌸🍂🌸🍂this one’s inspired by my dads dahlias #dahlia #pattern #surfacepattern #surfacepatterndesign #surfacepatterndesigner #art #floral #flowers #hexies update. I didn’t realise at the time what a perfect portable project this would be - cars, trains and hospital bedside #getwellsoondaddy #sewing #hexagon #hexielove #sew Very happy for a spot of sunshine today 🌞#sunshine #flowers #home #knittedcacti Cosy days 🍂🍃🍁and some prep ready for a new batch of lovelies @mac_birmingham textiles this week 🐶 #weaving #loom #autumnvibes #iwishiwasadog

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