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On Friday my other half and I escaped for a day to London. What we needed when I say escape, was a day full of distraction, busyness and retail therapy and where better than London for all of that. Plus the fact that it’s been a whole year since a saw a red London bus. I find them very nostalgic and need a London fix at least once a year.

We began our mooch on Marylebone High street. Designers Guild is a big favourite of mine and I wasn’t disappointed.

You know when you write those ‘Before I die’ lists or ‘Blue Sky Thinking’ dream lists? Well one of my top 3 would be to work at Designers Guild making gorgeous patterns.

We hit Liberty’s next which Mr L had never been in before.

They have a new stationary section and I got quite a few new papers for my backgrounds.

Liberty is a one of a kind. The building is panelled head to foot like a Tudor manor house and it’s full of well-chosen, inspirational pieces.

Then down the road and across is Anthropologie which wasn’t busting with must-haves but I did pick up one or two nice pieces.

I would still love to live the Anthropologie life even if I can’t afford it.

Want to see what came home with me?

So back to work tomorrow pepped up a bit by our trip but I’ll be wishing away the days until I can start playing with all these new goodies.

Autumn is definitely in the air and I think it shows in the colours I chose for this still life; a lovely chocolate mocha, gold and warm pinks. Yum. I could eat that description. Something else that happens in Autumn is more eating – do you find that too?

It’s been hard to concentrate round here lately with the goings on in our house and as a distraction I took to tidying the studio instead. I find tidying cathartic. But somewhere in the midst of it all I finished this little autumn offering.

Purple Orchid Β© Claire Leggett

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