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I have a ta-dah for you today – a tablecloth I hand-printed recently.

One reason I like to keep blogging is to record such things – when I looked back to see when I started my Fish project, I was surprised to see the date on the upload was May 2017. It takes a long time for some ideas to percolate and evolve and then actually get made.

You can find the beginning of my Fish sketchbook workings here and here although the actual inspiration came back in Summer 2016 whilst on holiday in France when I saw a lovely tablecloth in Fragonard.

I’m very lucky to have the best p/t job freelancing at MAC Birmingham the most brilliant arts center.

And sometimes I can use the space which I needed to for this big print job.

As you can see, the following day I wasn’t so fortunate and was squeezed onto the floor of my studio at home!

It took about 20 hours to print using around 10 colours so I won’t be going into production anytime soon but it’s important to art-play as it releases surprising creative avenues.

And it did – 6 fishy themed surface pattern designs got designed last week to go to market. Now wo’betide anyone who spills red wine on it!






©Claire Leggett Surface Pattern designer

A little winters pattern inspired by this book.

Hurrah! my new 2016 calendar is printed and ready.

Claire_leggett_surface_pattern_design_calendar_MAY_2016 copy

I think I like it more than last years!


I was short of a title idea then my daughter came up with “Eat, Sleep, Pattern Repeat – a year of painted patterns” – she is a genius!

Jan, Feb, March and April

Each month has a themed floral watercolour painted pattern design…

Claire_leggett_surface_pattern_design_calendar_FEB_2016 copy

and a date grid bordered by the same design – another credit to Lucy for that idea (it really is a family business here sometimes!)

May, June, July, Aug                                           

It is professionally printed on 250gsm card stock – a nice weight of paper to keep its shape all year and matte so you can write on it without icky, sticky, skiddy pen marks.

Claire_Leggett__Aug_calendar_2016_pattern_date_page copyThey are the same price as last year – £12.00

Claire_leggett_surface_pattern_design_calendar_APRIL_2016 copy

If you fancy one I have put some in my Etsy shop.

If you live in the UK you could pay by bank transfer maybe – that way I get to recoup as much of the costs as possible without having to pay fee’s – please email me at and I’ll send the details.

If you live abroad – then using Paypal and Etsy is the way to go!

mosaic__surface_pattern_design_calendar_2016 copy

The Pattern Base book

Some things are worth waiting for and this is definitely one of the them – I am actually now able to hold The Pattern Base book in my excited little hands!

The Pattern Base book 1

The Pattern Base book is by Kristi O’Meara and edited by Audrey Victoria Keiffer – cofounders of the Chicago-based design studio and online archive The Patternbase.

The Pattern Base book 2

It is a curation of 378 pages, showcasing a collection of 681 designs from 150 contemporary textile, surface, fashion, and print designers from around the world.

The Pattern Base book 3

Illustrative, abstract, geometric, floral, digital and constructed textile patterns are all represented here and all the work is by up and coming designers.

The Pattern Base book 4

I submitted my surface pattern designs way back in 2012 when this was a kick-starter idea and I had no idea that I would be fortunate enough to get two double page spreads but there I am on pages 228 and 229 🙆

Claire Leggett_The Pattern Base book

I had been working on a group of paintings at the time featuring vintage china and cutlery and had developed some elements into these two pattens.

Claire Leggett_The Pattern Base book pattern design 2

These went onto be selected to represent in the Illustrative category  – brilliant!

Claire Leggett_The Pattern Base book pattern design

It’s not everyday you get into print so I’m having a solo studio party today! 😉🎉🍸

claire leggettsm notebks wrapped

It’s Moseley Arts market again tomorrow – was the last one really only four weeks ago?

claire leggett sm notebks wrapped

Time seems to have condensed itself recently, don’t know if the days just feel shorter because of it getting dark earlier or whether my expectations for what can be done in a day are too great!

claire leggett yellow notebk in prog

I have been in my painting cave this week re-stocking these hand painted notebooks. They are a labour of love, I’m not gonna lie, but the emphasis is defiantly on love.

claire leggett large notebooks

The painting of these really gets my creative juices flowing for other projects and I just love doing them. Plus I added a ‘belly wrap’ (get me) which just finishes them off nicely.

claire leggett lg notebks wrapped

9-3pm Alcester Road, Mosley, tomorrow 🙂


Over the last few weeks I have been using my Italian holiday photo’s for pattern inspiration.


Studying holiday photo’s is a great way to re-live a holiday.


First you examine why certain places, colours, paintings or cultural details inspire you to take the photo in the first place and then soon after the design prompt can be found again.


I looked up at a lot of ceilings during my week in Florence. Italians used to recline on a dais on the floor and so the ceiling was the most decorative feature of a room. Luckily for us we have iPhone reverse direction mode and so can photograph the ceiling without getting a crick in the neck!


These ceilings were from the Medici Palace and as soon as I looked up, I could see a repeat pattern calling out for development.


As I played around with drawings and tracings, I began to see which elements to keep.

claiRE_LEGGETT_Fra Angelico

The colouring came from generally soaking in all the colours I’d seen around me – I have quite a strong colour memory and often remember the colours of a place more than the details of names and places – not usually a useful quirk to have!


There was a lot of faded distemper, crumbling concrete, exposed brick, terracotta rendered house walls teamed with turquoise shutters or a painted door; the wall paintings are faded frescoes from Far Angelico’s painted cells.


I called this collection Soffito as it literally means a ceiling in Italian and doesn’t everything sound nicer in Italian!


Nell Whatmore   Free Spirit fabric

Nell Whatmore Free Spirit fabric

I am just back from a day at the annual Festival of Quilts at the NEC near me in Birmingham, UK.

I wanted all of these!

I wanted all of these!

I took loads of photos and was wondering how I’d edit it down however it turns out all I had to choose from were the ones that aren’t blurred!

embroidered book cover

embroidered book cover

I love this show because it has such a wide range of talent, concept, taste, technical and wit all played out using cloth in a quilted manner.

Karin Briden      A pair of pants

Karin Briden A pair of pants

This amazing quilt was called Every Text He Ever Sent Me by Lara Hailey and looks to me to have been stitched by hand – awesome!

Lara Hailey Every Text He Ever Sent Me

Lara Hailey Every Text He Ever Sent Me

This one produced a wry laugh – it’s called Blog and records a daily activity in stitch not mega pixels.

Irene MacWilliam  A Blog

Irene MacWilliam A Blog

Irene MacWilliam  A Blog

Irene MacWilliam A Blog

But talking of pixels this one was amazing because close up it looked like random colours but from afar became a Peony.

Danielle Coolbear Jenkins  Peonie

Danielle Coolbear Jenkins Peonie

A lot caught my eye for colour or motif reasons like these birds flying.

Janie Harvey- Douglas A Slight Murmur of Starlings

Janie Harvey- Douglas
A Slight Murmur of Starlings

And it’s not all 2D work either there are books, clothes, 3D sculptures and even some items using all three at once!

Sally Snushall The Mouse and The Cuckoo Clock

Sally Snushall The Mouse and The Cuckoo Clock

There are of course always the old favourites like Kaffe Fassett…

Kaffe Fassett  Rail Fence Quilt

Kaffe Fassett
Rail Fence Quilt

and here’s some gorgeous Sophie Digard scarves for a bit of eye candy…

Sophie Digard

Sophie Digard

Sophie Digard

Sophie Digard

Sophie Digard

Sophie Digard

And I even had company this year – my daughter has picked out a Flying Goose pattern as her choice of quilt for me to make her and today we were hunting down plains and patterns to make it with.

Marianne Mohandes  Full Circle

Marianne Mohandes
Full Circle

She wondered if it might be ready if she leaves for uni in 3 years or so, I was aiming for Christmas, so we’ve quite a wide deadline there thankfully 😉

Marianne Mohandes  Full Circle

Marianne Mohandes
Full Circle


A little belatedly I know but Happy Easter to you.


These designs are called Cheerful Bouquet.


I’m posting them as part of Jacqueline Auvigne’s “Spring Has Sprung” Pattern Showcase. Pop over here if you’d like to see more designs by the others who took part.

Cheerful Bouquet Design Template_72dpi

These boards show the whole collection of 9 designs in total, the motif’s of which sprang from the painted doodles of flower heads from a bunch of spring flowers but re-coloured to remind me of much warmer climes.

Cheerful Bouquet Design 2 Template_72dpi

On Friday my other half and I escaped for a day to London. What we needed when I say escape, was a day full of distraction, busyness and retail therapy and where better than London for all of that. Plus the fact that it’s been a whole year since a saw a red London bus. I find them very nostalgic and need a London fix at least once a year.

We began our mooch on Marylebone High street. Designers Guild is a big favourite of mine and I wasn’t disappointed.

You know when you write those ‘Before I die’ lists or ‘Blue Sky Thinking’ dream lists? Well one of my top 3 would be to work at Designers Guild making gorgeous patterns.

We hit Liberty’s next which Mr L had never been in before.

They have a new stationary section and I got quite a few new papers for my backgrounds.

Liberty is a one of a kind. The building is panelled head to foot like a Tudor manor house and it’s full of well-chosen, inspirational pieces.

Then down the road and across is Anthropologie which wasn’t busting with must-haves but I did pick up one or two nice pieces.

I would still love to live the Anthropologie life even if I can’t afford it.

Want to see what came home with me?

So back to work tomorrow pepped up a bit by our trip but I’ll be wishing away the days until I can start playing with all these new goodies.

Autumn is definitely in the air and I think it shows in the colours I chose for this still life; a lovely chocolate mocha, gold and warm pinks. Yum. I could eat that description. Something else that happens in Autumn is more eating – do you find that too?

It’s been hard to concentrate round here lately with the goings on in our house and as a distraction I took to tidying the studio instead. I find tidying cathartic. But somewhere in the midst of it all I finished this little autumn offering.

Purple Orchid © Claire Leggett

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