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I’m out of sync I know but as I write this blog mostly for myself and posterity, I’m feeling free to update it after the event – one month after the event!

I love Paris, I love France, I love learning & (trying at) speaking French.

My eldest is currently living & working in the South of France and there’s a large part of me who’d have liked that as another life path.

We spent our Nectar points on Eurostar tickets and headed south to celebrate our 30th wedding anniversary in the City of Light.

It was sunny, full of culture, art, art shops, food, croissants, coffee, Aperol Spritz and walking, walking, walking.

Paris is full of beautiful shops and the window displays are awesome!

They are highly inventive and eye-catching, whether it be in a simple or multi-faceted way.

Shops are specialist’s at what they do. There doesn’t seem to be the ‘corner shop’ mentality that we have in the UK where you can buy everything under one roof.

These shops, at least in the city centre, are excellent at baking bread or patisserie, making olive oil or herbs, cheese or wine.

And they are all beautifully and immaculately displayed.

It put the chic in shopping.

Paris has a lovely natural light which at sunset begins to turn mauve and lavender.

And it’s lit up romantically with those iconic old French lampposts which just conjure up so many famous French paintings.

There are cafes everywhere which take on a new attractiveness at night when they are lit from within with candles on the table and twinkling lights.

And the river reflects back all these lights to magnify the effect.

One last Paris post tomorrow – glad you have enjoyed seeing my snaps.

I love the slices of colour,

 the patterning of iron work,

 and lace,

and the rough plaster of old walls.

Notre Dame stands like a beautifully iced cake. It is amazing to think of the intricate detail and feats of physical ingenuity that went into the building of this in c. 1668.

Many churches and chapels show their devotion to God through the dedication to brilliant craftsmanship and expensive materials inside and they truly are magnificent and can lift your heart heavenwards.

I particularly liked the Sacré-Cœur Basilica which had a very touching prayerfulness, with lit candles glinting whilst Mass was held and hymns were sung.

And I was totally blown away by this ceiling mosaic which stretched across the dome of the altar chapel.

The colours, stylization, workmanship and strength of image was a sight to behold.

Beautiful sacred spaces.

Tucked away unassumingly is the daily (Mon – Sat) flower market.

It’s chock full of garden paraphernalia, gorgeous flowers, birdhouses, bulbs and blooms.

My favourite flower (Bellis) sounds good in French – Paquerette.

Colour and pattern inspiration abounding.

I wondered how to begin to sum Paris up in a few photos?

 Views and food (this was the view from our bedroom window) …

…iconic buildings and art everywhere…

… cafe life, day and night…

… rooftops, balconies and apartment life…

… beautiful pastries and sweets…

… bridges and water and walks along the Seine…

… walking, walking, walking…

… and the end of each day did look a little like this as we hobbled home via cafe’s and restaurants.

Flower market up next.

This will give you a clue as to my recent whereabouts.

Just back from a lovely trip to Paris and it was as lovely as you all said it would be. Loads of photo’s coming your way this week once I’ve acclimatised and sorted them all out.

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