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The garden still has some treasures to be found worth painting – I have left flowers to go to seed so that there are interesting seed heads, the ornamental quince has fruited and the Marigolds soldier on regardless and all of these make lovely things to paint on this sunny day.

Just popping in with a few catch-up pieces from my residency at Winterbourne House and Garden.

It’s been hard to catch a good time to be out painting because of the sudden changes in weather and temperature. One solution has been to work in miniature, although these paintings still take quite a time.


Everything is growing very fast and I’m trying my best to catch a little bit of it all as there’s no way I can do all of it justice. The Auriculas have long been a favourite of mine so it was nice to capture them.

This little guy had to be caught on canvas having visited me whilst sketching one day and had a good long proper chat and even hopped around the side of me as if to see what I was doing.


Like a lot of people, I really enjoy the snuggly cosiness that Autumn brings – wooly tights, butternut squash, rainy days… Yesterday as we were sat in a pub having a celebratory lunch ( hubby ran a half marathon in 1.34.52) my daughter remarked that this was what she liked about living in Britain; this being that she was eating a steak and ale pie tucked up in a snug traditional pub while the rain lashed the windows. And she’s not wrong.

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Strangely I actually enjoy my daily dog walk more when it’s not summer, when rain boots are required, when the wood is quieter, when I can tromp around picking up things for my own nature table in the studio.

Sleeping Badger blog

Which is how my badger and fox paintings came about – not that I picked up either animal on my walk but the dog might have tried to!

Sleeping Fox blog

Speaking of… how cute is she in her new winter coat? Took a little persuading (hubby not dog) but he was sort of won round by the reduction in dog washing. Lottie has learnt to get excited on seeing it because it means just one thing… walk time. Have a great week.

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