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More Kaffe today! It seems there is a hunger out there for it as so many of you have *liked* the previous post or left a comment – thanks, I love them :). Who I am to deprive you of more of these wonderful things I had to share.


 Inside the American Museum in Britain are these gorgeous pieces which are the colour separations that the printer would have used to print the Kaffe Fassett fabric lengths.


They show the hand painted original design in repeat and then all the colours which would have made up the different colour ways.


I was très excited when I spotted them hanging up around the museum because I love this kind of behind the scene technical stuff.


Some of the photos are very yellow and full of reflection – sorry, there was not a lot of light or space.


And look at all those glorious colours! It’s hard to believe that in 20 years we have gone from hand painting every design idea and colour way to being able to put drawings into repeat and play with colours all at the touch of a mouse.


Back in the day I had a work placement in a company who sat me in a (large) cupboard (no windows and a lot of boxes) and had me paint in their drawings with specific colours  – all day for a week – or two –  I forget now, it seemed a long time.


A Google search shows they no longer trade so that’s all the retribution I’ll get for the cupboard ‘love’.



I could have poured over these for hours tracing which colour went where and plotting the pattern repeat.


I like to think the master’s hand had touched them all but I’m sure he will have had assistants help paint these in (just not in a cupboard I hope!)

Let me know if you loved them as much as I did 🙂

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