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I feel like I have been very distracted from here of late – good and bad distractions.

The best and happiest of these was the beginning of The Art and Business of Surface Pattern Design course, which began last Monday. I’ve done a few online classes in the last year and this is THE BEST! It’s really beautifully and thoughtfully designed and delivered (we even got sent these postcards as a welcome before class began) and I am having A BALL I tell you. But I’ll show you more later in the week, promise.

Yesterday I amazed myself by not just being out of bed in time to visit a local craft fair but in purchasing nearly all our Christmas presents for family whilst there :0 Shocking I know. Shocking because it’s still November. Shocking because I wasn’t expecting it to happen that way.  Shocking because I unexpectedly got ahead of the Christmas game. Shocking because we then went onto a second fair and did the same again.

But what a great way to shop. We got some lovely items but the best part was supporting local craft people. It felt so good to hand over cash to a Designer Maker rather than to a corporation. I may be a changed woman.

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