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Hi – can you guess what this post is all about?!



It is one year and three months since I first learnt to knit a sock and since then I have knitted 9 pairs –  6 as gifts, 3 for me.




I thought I’d quickly show you my Christmas knits – Auntie’s purple socks above, HB’s (self-chosen yarn – cute) below and underneath that my SIL’s pair.

ollies socks

I think it’s safe to say that I’ve pretty much mastered the plain sock and I declare 2015 the year to try a sock with a knitted pattern to it (as opposed to a self striping patterned yarn) or maybe both!


It’s nice to make a record here of the 9 achieved so far and make myself accountable for stepping up a gear (excuse the pun!)



I have just cast off these lovely pink socks and I think they have been my favourite knit so far, for many reasons.


Number one has got to be because when I began them I was dog-sitting Lottie who had just come home from the vets having had her knee surgery. I bought the wool while we were killing time waiting for her operation to be done so we could bring her home.


Once she got back, for a few days I just couldn’t leave her downstairs alone for long stretches of time while I worked upstairs, so I found myself sitting beside her bed knitting these. Now they’re finished they bring happy thoughts that, that difficult time was worth it as she is recovering nicely now.


The second reason is this yarn. The shop owner who said I’d never go back after trying Debbie Bliss yarn was SO right. I don’t know why it’s so heavenly – this is Rialto 4 ply 100% Merino wool – but it feels like nothing I’ve ever used before and it knits up beautifully. Now I’m not a perfectionist, I drop stitches and find them later, but would you look at how perfect this knitting is!!

pink socks

The third reason is my down to my new pyjamas!! Oh, how I love new pyjamas – for some women it’s too many shoes, my weakness is my constant need for new pj’s! It wasn’t conscious (but it had to unconscious) that I chose wool in the exact same colour as the trims on my new pj’s – man, I am now warm, snuggly and matching from top to toe! lol.


Is it too late to show up and say ‘Happy New Year’? Hope not.


Hope you have all enjoyed whatever holidays came your way. I have benefitted from unplugging for a few weeks. I had really good family times over Christmas and the rest and perspective that brings was beneficial. I have some new Anthropologie china and clothes, a guinea-pig onesie (oh yes!) a wonderful pile of new books to read, have watched series 3 of Borgen from start to finish, nursed not one, but two separate colds so I figure that’s my lot till at least May and I am officially obsessed with knitting socks.

This pair Lucy asked for a few weeks before Santa was due but luckily he likes a challenge.


This pair was a gift of yarn to me knitted up over the Christmas holidays. I love them – this is the nicest yarn I’ve knitted socks with so far – Opal Sockenwolle – I love that word – it’s a German brand.


I left 2013 down in the dumps and on a very low economic ebb but I am choosing to bounce into 2014 and have coined it my YOLO year – I’m going to shake a stick at you 2014.


A Rifle Paper Co calendar – to remind me everyday what’s possible by starting with a paint brush.

Thank you to those who support me in life and here in blogland – please don’t ever under estimate the power of your leaving a comment here – I am always heartened when you say something because it’s lonely otherwise! And hi to the new readers who found me over the holidays.

I have lots of home made gifts to share with you this week now that the recipients have them and secrets no longer need to be kept.


And I wish you health and happiness and leave you with this from Sarah Ban Breathnach:

“…time is New Year’s bountiful blessing: 365 bright mornings and starlit evenings; 52 promising weeks; 12 transformative months full of beautiful possibilities; 4 splendid seasons. A simply abundant year to be savoured.”


I have a pair now 🙂 I have also tried to live in my pyjamas and socks as much as possible but it isn’t happening. So I bought new sock yarn in a colour way that goes with my jeans – just got to knit them now. Oh but in between that my daughter selected sock yarn she liked, so they are already on the needles. Sock jam.

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