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Delivery day today – these four pieces are taking part in the Christmas show at Greenstage Gallery which is situated half way between Hereford and Worcester. It’s on until January 12th 2014 and there are lots of other nice shops to peruse too at The Hop Pocket Craft Center if you fancy a trip out.

liliesand wallflowers



Today I took 20 pieces of work over to the Greenstage Gallery ready for hanging this week.

jeanette faulkner clarke

jeanette faulkner clarke

It’s my biggest show yet and I’m really excited to see it on Friday. If you live close by (it’s near Bishops Frome in Worcester – 8 miles from Malvern) I would love to meet you in person – private view is 7-9pm. Directions are here.

sara mead

sara mead

I’m one of three other female artists sharing the show and as you can see from the examples of their work here, I am amongst talented company.

veronique avon

veronique avon

Hope to see you Friday 🙂

It’s been a busy few days here… last week I went to London and visited the Country Living Christmas fair. I didn’t get many photos as there are so many people it’s hard to step back and see anything. But I did start my Christmas shopping – oh yes!

It was a lovely way to get into the mood for Christmas (which has to happen in November if you are the Responsible Present Buying Half of the partnership!)

Then on Saturday night I reached a proper grown-up milestone by going to the opera for the first time. We went with friends to see La Bohème performed by the Welsh National Opera. It is written in Italian, set in Paris and sung by Welsh people! It could have been more relaxing if I’d been fluent in Italian – then I wouldn’t have had to read the subtitles to know what was going on.

And finally, yesterday I delivered eight paintings to a new (to me) gallery called Greenstage Gallery

This gallery is situated in the Hop Pocket Craft Center in Worcestershire. I’m very grateful to have another opportunity to exhibit some more of my work and it spurs me on to create some new work – which brings me full circle in my busyness 🙂

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These ladies #markitproject have learnt soooo much on their printmaking journey (as have I) Today was our last screen-printing session before we concentrate on other production tasks 🧵➿✂️ 📦🏷We have 2 fairs booked - local peeps save the dates: December 1st and 8th 🌲 #screenprinting #skillup #withrefugees #refugeeswelcome #skillsforlife #empoweringwomen #craftcommerce #womeninbusiness #learningnewskills #craftcanchangetheworld #everyonedeservestobehappy
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