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Firstly, on my last post – thank you my sweet commenters đŸ’–đŸ˜»


You know you’ve been busy when you rely on photographs taken to remind you of where you’ve been and what you’ve been doing. But it’s all good and being busy is all part of the business of being alive!


This was my WIP until recently. Now I’m struggling to remember the pattern because another WIP has superseded it.


Which is this one – a blanket for my youngest (who is planning to take it to Uni this time next year 😭) We are doing it together but she’s so hooked (and might have more free time than me) that she’s done two-thirds of the above.


I am so chuffed to see her relaxing doing crochet – I feel like someone else has beamed down to my planet!


We have visited many Uni’s over the last few months. I took a snap of this poem at Sheffield because I love it – especially this bit: “Among the jumbled bric-a-brac I keep a padlocked treasure-chest of empty space and on days
 I turn the key, throw back the lid, breathe deep.”

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I took a day trip to London, saw some new East End places and some old face’s – Spitalfields and Anthropologie (of course!)


I started teaching the Baby and Toddler Sensory Art Play at our local Arts Center, which is the most fun, I love it! – I missed working with kids and this is a nice little dose of that without all the other hassle and expectation of working in a school environment.


I decided I would make some fruit inspired patterns beginning with the summer fruits. I have done raspberries so far. That’s it! Life interrupted.


It has not been Year Of The Garden this year but the blackberry brambles and the apple trees just did their thing regardless. I’m ashamed to say that only the rabbit has eaten any of the apples. The garden centre was selling off seeds for 50p a packet and I got rather carried away. So next year, instead of growing courgettes we forget to harvest, I have declared the veg garden is going to be a cutting garden and I’m going to be organised and do it right. There I said it here so I’m now accountable!


I had a big project come my way recently –  to design two tea-sets. It’s a competition and I might have really good news to share very soon – eek! 😃. I really enjoyed doing it and finally my huge collection of vintage china got put to use as visual reference – see I knew there was a reason to collect it!


I spent two solid weeks on it ignoring all the housework, cooking as simply as possible and just keeping my head down – this was the ironing pile at the end of that. I thought I’d share it to re-dress the balance if you thought I was living a beautifully styled, ordered life and share some reality with you instead!


P.S.I’m on Instagram if you like a quick, up-to-the-minute way of connecting. Link above left if you’d like to see all this in real-time.

Sometime ago I was lucky enough to be given a sack of my M-I-L’s project leftover’s and that added to my own growing collection of To Do’s, has meant a lot of wool in storage. This past year I have tried to actually use some up rather than keep buying stuff for new projects. This has worked out well mostly except for my weakness for buying new sock yarns.

baby wrap - stash buster

It has been a struggle to identify the yarns sometimes and then find patterns to suit or do the maths to convert yarn and pattern to match. This baby-wrap above was a case in point but I managed to make something which turned out the right size and shape and it’s now donated to the Made4Aid site if your interested in purchasing it for charity.

crochet blanket edged

I finally edged my granny’s blanket from years back before the yarn got re-purposed for another project.

vanessas cushion

I made a granny square cushion for a friends birthday…


and knitted some hanger covers in some cottons that look lovely but are hard to use for wearable things as there isn’t much stretch to the yarn.

moms scarf IMG_5033

I bought this wool years ago in Whitby for a scarf for myself and whilst I still love the yarn with it’s changing hues and specks of gold, I knitted it into a tie-able scarf for my mum for Christmas.


All that hasn’t really made a good dint in it yet – there’s more to come!

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