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This past week I’ve been doing a little screen printing project at home.


A little zippy bag for my soon-to-be aupairing girl.


And the time and the weather gave us a chance to get into the garden this long weekend and sort it out a bit- the upside of which is finding flowers once hidden.


And the opportunity to photograph socks freshly off the needles.


The Fairisle flower was finished first. You can find it here but I added the toe pattern which has made them a little pointy – elf socks!


And this wool I bought when Debbie Bliss came to our local knitting shop recently, bringing a discount day with her.


I hope you’ve enjoyed your long holiday weekend too.


All this lovely sunshine is doing me the world of good but distracting me from working inside.



There is something about summer sunshine that is the perfect backdrop for just being out and about experiencing things and having fun.



I have been away to Norfolk and Wales (gadding again with a small amount of market research thrown in to ease the guilt)  lunching, playing round with Hipstamatic, baking, watching Wimbledon, rush-knitting a new baby gift, cooking for friends and gardening galore.



This year I feel as if I have gardened in a timely fashion – pruned fruit trees and roses at the correct time and been rewarded by abundant fruit and flowers, weeded carefully and by leaving things I wasn’t sure about, have been surprised by beautiful flowers that I have previously pulled out (groan!)



And my fabulous new vegetable garden (which will get its own post one day very soon) is looking smart and proving to be very easy to keep up and very prolific. On my list of ‘simple, satisfying things to do’ is growing and eating your own veg – it’s so wholesome and gives such a sense of achievement.



I am so inspired that I have already ordered next years seed in the Sarah Raven sale, a fancy wooden device that you fold newspaper around to make pots for seedlings and begun a list of flowers to grow next year.



So apologies for not concentrating on being in this space very much lately – I have been painting a lot in between and have things to share with you but as the saying goes, gotta ‘make hay while the sun shines’.


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