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Everything has a season so they say and this year has not been my season for the garden (poor neglected thing).

alchemilla mollis

However some past efforts continue to pay dividends – thank you Roses, that white weed thingy, the cow-parsley plant, my patio pots and of course the Alchemilla Mollis.
Achemilla Mollis in cup_claire_leggett in progress

I snipped a few things I could find the other day  – all pleasingly lime green, green and yellow (thank you garden for self-theming the colours) and popped them into my 25 pence bargain jug for an afternoons play with the paints.

Achemilla Mollis in cup_claire_leggett

claire_leggett_spring_green_in da garden

I have been immersed in painting these beauties recently – are you ready to join me in some more tulip love?


These are my favourite so far, Spring Green bulbs from Sarah Raven.


Add in some Liberty and a Ken Eardley vase and it’s got to be a winner no?

Claire_Leggett_set up for spring green

I have also fallen back in love with those humble beauties Forget-me-nots – such a sweet little plant, so unassuming but beautifully delicate. Worth a closer look.

Claire Leggett Spring Green florals

I’ve thoroughly enjoyed the making of this piece and bringing all the individual elements together. Hope it cheers your day a little 🙂

©  Claire Leggett    Spring Green

© Claire Leggett   Spring Green


It’s been a great year for tulips in the garden.


I re-subscribed to a magazine and got some Sarah Raven bulbs as a freebie.


And they have been beautiful – big, blowsy flowers – interesting colours and shapes. Apricot Beauty was the first to fully flower last week.


It hurt A LOT to cut three of the nine stems to bring in and paint.

But here they are immortalised 🙂


© Claire Leggett     Apricot Beauty



I’ve been sloshing pink, purple, blue and red around in the lovely square of spring sunshine coming through the window.

Claire_Leggett_Anemones_nib pen

And I’d forgotten about dip pens (or nib pens or whatever you wanna call them)


The light is failing now but here’s a camera pic anyway to show the finished thing.

briar rose 3

Next door have a beautiful Briar Rose which hangs over into our garden.

briar rose 2

This year it is particularly beautiful, dripping with big clusters of flowers.

briar rose 1

I love the vibrant pink-red of the petals and how they pale by degrees into ballet-slipper pink.

briar rose 1

They are very satisfying for capturing in watercolours as they provide lots of opportunity to let colours bleed into one another.

briar rose 2

The peppering of stamens and pollen is the painting equivalent of popping a cherry on an iced cake.

rose bud



Following a walk down the garden to admire the blooms (and ignore the weeds) I came back with a little clutch of pink flowers to paint.


Trailing Geranium, Cosmos, Crazy Daisy, Briar Rose and Sweet William. The result is a quick little painting proving that there is no such thing as one shade of pink!

A little Pot of Pink  © Claire Leggett

A Little Pot of Pink © Claire Leggett

It’s done! All 84 x 59 cm of it. That’s a lot of paint. And time. And patience…

It’s been a gargantuan task – there is lots I love about it and some things I’d change but for now c’est finito (do you like my grasp of languages!)

Thanks for all your lovely comments about the New Leaf show – you guys are great at cheering me on – don’t ever stop! Especially as I have more good news to share later in the week 🙂

Back in May I painted three of the tulips I had grown in the garden. They were unexpectedly beautiful and I wanted to capture them before they died – and I didn’t have much time. So I bit the bullet and painted them but not in my usual fashion. I was right out of my comfort zone for many reasons. I like to build a still life and see how everything is going to work together before I begin. I like to paint from the back towards the front not the other way around and I don’t often paint anything as large as this which is A1.

It began well enough and has sat on the easel since May looking at me across the room and asking ‘Are you brave enough yet to finish me?’ And the answer has been no… until now.

I am finding it really difficult though!

I have built a set up around the same vase but with three (of the most awfully tacky) pretend roses in it to help the composition. But it’s just not the same as the living thing. And because I wanted this piece of be about Spring I am having to use some faux Forsythia.

The painting around is driving me to distraction – I have coated the tulips in matt acrylic varnish to protect them but even so I have drawn it out, painted over it to wash the background and am concentrating so hard on not losing the pencil lines or paint on the tulips that I think I might just blow a gasket soon!

Well enough of the grumbles and lets get back to plodding along! Hope you’re having a good week.

I took a walk down the garden recently and was struck by how everything growing was either yellow or blue.

A self-made colour scheme – nice.

My macro lens did these flowers proud.

The structure of these petals and stamens is unbelievable.

Look how awesome the Forget-me-knot flowers are especially when you think that they grow like weeds.

Such petite perfectness.

I remembered a blue and white jug bought last year and never yet featured in a painting.


© Claire Leggett – Blue and Yellow

May 17th

Here’s some more ‘a painting-a-day’ through May.

May 18th

I’m still really enjoying the push to paint something fast and free in my sketchbook everyday.

May 19th 

It reminds me what sketchbooks are for…playing!

May 20th

And it doesn’t matter what comes of it but I do like some of this spontaneous work and I am using up heaps of dried up paint from past palettes and it’s causing me to stumble across colour-combo’s I wouldn’t have otherwise.

May 21st

It’s all good and the sun is shining too – happy days.

May 22nd

Head over to Dana’s and Anne’s to see their May painting-a-day.

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