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Forget-me-nots are an apt flower to be painting right now – I feel like I am neglecting my blogging as it’s been a bit sporadic of late but be reassured that’s it’s the same with the housework, the ironing and the shopping! I have been in a painting cave recently as the preparations for Patchings count down into single figures. I have also got an exhibition beginning locally a week after Patchings finishes at Harborne Art Gallery so I have been creating some new pieces and getting myself organised for both. I was so absorbed by doing this painting that I forgot to take any other pictures of its progress!

© Claire_Leggett  Forget-me-nots

© Claire_Leggett Forget-me-nots

 Along with the other things that I am neglecting, is the garden only this time it’s paid off. Because I haven’t been out there weeding, I have discovered a few ‘new’ plants that in previous years have suffered from my over zealous pruning and never flowered. I’m embarrassed to say that we have lived here nearly 4 years and never seen this plant flower before! (Note to self: watch more Gardener’s World) I think it’s an Elderflower? But perhaps you more seasoned gardener’s will tell me.

Yesterday I climbed into the border to do some drawings for pattern inspiration – it was hot (hat needed) and I had wellies on (frogs in the border – yuck) when my son walked past and called me Dora The Explorer! This made me laugh and so I got him to snap a pic – I’m still chuckling about it today 😉

dora the explorer

 In other news:

I’ve read this and been giving it some thought. I feel sad for the old days when blogging was a new phenomenon and everyone was having fun showing up and showing stuff. I miss some of my old favourite blog reads that have stopped or seem to be fading away. Maybe I’m a tortoise but I like reading blogs.

I’m adding this place to my destination wish list,

I have discovered this brand of wool and I’m never going back!

Been reading this in preparation for the summer and listening to this and cooking from this which has some great receipes and is really well chapterised (is that even a real word?)

Anyways, enough prattling on – do get back to me about the Elderflower won’t you?

claire_leggett_spring_green_in da garden

I have been immersed in painting these beauties recently – are you ready to join me in some more tulip love?


These are my favourite so far, Spring Green bulbs from Sarah Raven.


Add in some Liberty and a Ken Eardley vase and it’s got to be a winner no?

Claire_Leggett_set up for spring green

I have also fallen back in love with those humble beauties Forget-me-nots – such a sweet little plant, so unassuming but beautifully delicate. Worth a closer look.

Claire Leggett Spring Green florals

I’ve thoroughly enjoyed the making of this piece and bringing all the individual elements together. Hope it cheers your day a little 🙂

©  Claire Leggett    Spring Green

© Claire Leggett   Spring Green

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