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A few weeks back we were given tickets to The Good Food show at the NEC. It was very busy but we did our best to push to the front for samples of food and drink. It was a hot, hot day and we ended up outside to discover that there was also a Gardener’s World Spring Fair on, complete with an RHS marquee showing plants.

flower fest 3

 There is nothing that a floral – mad pattern designer likes more than a marquee full of the best of the best showing amazing colours and varieties. “Oh, look at that!” was said a fair few times!

flower fest mosaic

 I ran around snapping pic’s in a whirl of excitement.


There was so much colour and pattern reference for future designs.


I’m amazed by the breadth of variety that plants offer.

flower fest 1

This Lupin display was jaw-dropping – it reminded me of  Missoni stripes.


These looked good enough to eat.


I always find it inspiring to see whole planting schemes as it’s something I’ve never had to do as I’ve always inherited fully planted gardens.


This scheme of every shade from pink, blue through to purple set off with sage green and olive-green, was just beautiful.

flower fest 2

These are just two of the many photos I took of it!!


These sort of shows are a great way to get colour reference for future work.IMG_1770

The Allium display is always spirit-level perfect and the starburst flowers are just lovely.

flower fest 4

A lovely day out and a file full of future inspiration – hope you enjoyed them too.

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