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I have just cast off these lovely pink socks and I think they have been my favourite knit so far, for many reasons.


Number one has got to be because when I began them I was dog-sitting Lottie who had just come home from the vets having had her knee surgery. I bought the wool while we were killing time waiting for her operation to be done so we could bring her home.


Once she got back, for a few days I just couldn’t leave her downstairs alone for long stretches of time while I worked upstairs, so I found myself sitting beside her bed knitting these. Now they’re finished they bring happy thoughts that, that difficult time was worth it as she is recovering nicely now.


The second reason is this yarn. The shop owner who said I’d never go back after trying Debbie Bliss yarn was SO right. I don’t know why it’s so heavenly – this is Rialto 4 ply 100% Merino wool – but it feels like nothing I’ve ever used before and it knits up beautifully. Now I’m not a perfectionist, I drop stitches and find them later, but would you look at how perfect this knitting is!!

pink socks

The third reason is my down to my new pyjamas!! Oh, how I love new pyjamas – for some women it’s too many shoes, my weakness is my constant need for new pj’s! It wasn’t conscious (but it had to unconscious) that I chose wool in the exact same colour as the trims on my new pj’s – man, I am now warm, snuggly and matching from top to toe! lol.


I have a new baby nephew about to make his way into the world and so I thought I would welcome him with a hand knit.


 I have long wanted to try Debbie Bliss yarn because it comes in a beautiful range of colours and feels so good. So I went to my local knitting shop and the assistant didn’t have to try very hard at all to convince me to try the cashmerino; saying that once I’d knit with it, I would never go back – and she’s right about that. She also promised me that these needles were worth it too and again she was right. (Knit pro symfonie needles can be bought here or here)


So I cast on for The Classic Cardigan and was soon crowing over how lovely the knitting was, how smooth, how even…how perfect it was coming out – the most perfect knitting I’ve ever done (you may be guessing what’s coming…)


I even learnt how to knit all five pieces up and create the yolk and flat seam on a round. It was going swimmingly. I was proud of it and then…

I sewed up the side seams without paying attention to the notches and created a sticky-out-lump which I had to unpick. Unpick blue yarn in blue yarn and yes you’ve guessed it; I snipped a stitch which I was sure was sewn and not knit and I was WRONG!!!

The styled shot

The styled shot

I managed to save it and you might not notice it if you don’t knit yourself and you weren’t told about it but it’s true what they say about pride before a fall!

The truth

The truth

I think it’s good sometimes to show up in blogland with something real that’s less than perfect – it gives a more rounded view of normal life! What have you botched up recently?!

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