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There is nothing like a new year to bring about a sense of re-set even if a complete fresh start is not really needed.


Some years I don’t want to celebrate the passing of one year into another, some years I need the blank page/fresh start feeling that a new year can bring, some years I need to feel like I can write something new into existence.


This year I just wanted to spring clean and re-set my creative system.


So I spent two whole days last week removing all the old to-do lists, old inspiration material and old designs etc from my board and filing them away without a telling off from myself if they never came to anything – everything finds a time and place eventually, this I am learning.


Birds have been on my mind for a while now. I often find that I am percolating inspiration when I’m working on other things and collecting towards the beginning of a project.


And how! When I started filling up the board (which is huge) I found I didn’t have room for everything without taping stuff to the walls and hanging a mini-washing line up too.


I love it. It is a creative volcano of birdy inspiration.


My friend Dana had been painting birds just before Christmas.  I was so taken with this Blue Jay and so delighted when he came to live with me here.


And what serendipity that he arrived in the mail on the day I was finishing my pinning up. She has such a talent – have a look in her shop if you’d like your own bird.


I also had a new teapot for Christmas and some new bird tiles and when I got out my collection of bird books I could see just how long I have been percolating this collection.


I’ll show the books on their own one day as this is already a photo heavy post and the books deserve to be seen close-up as the illustrations are beautiful.


And then as if to seal the deal, this weekend I opened my Country Living magazine to find even more inspiration in the form of this…


I could be here for some while!


May 1st

Back on April 26th Dana came across an idea to do a painting-a-day through May.

May 2nd

Dana is a fabulous painter and makes the best use of sketchbooks I’ve ever seen.

May 3rd

I find the way she invents and plays through using her sketchbooks really inspiring.

May 4th

So I was inspired to paint-a-long too.

May 5th

So I signed up to join in optimistically.

May 6th

Then the first of May came around without anyone telling me!

May 7th

May 8th

I didn’t notice that by May 3rd I’d already fallen behind.

May 9

Than we visited family for a few days, then I went on a computer course, then it finally caught up with me and by then I was well behind.

Day 10

So I set my mind to catching up this week,

May 11th

and I have actually enjoyed having a reason to play at whatever I liked in my sketchbook- some patterns, some black silhouettes, some Paris doorways, butterflies…

May 12th

I have just got printed a stack of ‘inspiration’ photos that I keep taking but  never get to draw from, so I’m just pulling them from the pile and painting away.

May 13th

It’s great fun and never too late to join in too.

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