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This week I hung an exhibition of my work at the Coach House Gallery which is at Winterbourne Botanical Gardens, Birmingham.


Winterbourne is part of the Birmingham University campus.


It’s an Edwardian Arts and Crafts house built for the family of John Nettlefold in 1903.

It’s last owner bequeathed it to the University where it became the Botanical Gardens in 1944.


It’s one of those magical places that has held onto the history of the past and simultaneously successfully embraced the future.


And my colourful work has ushered Spring in a little earlier than Mother Nature (it’s trying to snow today)


Exhibition hanging takes patience and stamina (good step-ladder muscles!)

One of the most fun things to do was fill the glass exhibition case.


I have laid out sketchbooks, pattern design swatches, an old paint palette, some tubes of paint, brushes, pencils and design work that shows how I use my original paintings digitally.


It was fun to set the scene.


And now I’m happily heading off to a restful weekend – there’s a G & T with my name on it!


Exhibition is up until 12th March


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I am absolutely delighted to share the news with you that I am Artist in Residence at the University of Birmingham Winterbourne House and Gardens until May 2020 🙋🏻‍♀️I feel very lucky and privileged to be able to spend the next 18 months walking the public and private paths painting and drawing what I see. 🖌I am trying to ease into the project without giving myself too many restraints on what I make of it (painting, patterns, textile work) there is abundant inspiration! 🌳🐝🌼🐞🌾🌺🍁🌵 I’ve made a dedicated instagram page for the project – I’d love you to come on over and follow along with me as this exciting chapter develops. I will be working on site regularly – so please come up to the studio above the bookshop or say hello if you spot me around the grounds.👩🏻‍🎨 Also wrote a blog blurb too if you’re interested (click on claire_leggett profile name for links) #artist #artistoninstagram#artistinresidence #winterbournegardens#winterbourne #winterbournehg#winterbournehouseandgarden #artista#artiste #artinspo #artistoninstagram#birminghamartist #birmingham#birminghamart #birminghamlife#universityofbirmingham#gardeninspiration #painter#dreamscometrue

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