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I got the biggest surprise for Christmas when I opened a big box and found this, my own design, printed up on gorgeous heavy weight linen. My HB had made up a pretty believable story in order to get hold of the files to this design and I didn’t suspect for a moment that he was in cahoots with my S-I-L whose idea it was to get it printed.


It has got my thinking hard about future possibilities…


Bright GArden Design Template

One of my new design collections at Surtex 2013 is called Bright Garden.


This project began when I saw some beautiful lace and after close inspection drawing it I could see a garden of flowers in each tiny intricate piece of lace.



It was fun to play around with different pens and brushes to make fine lace-like lines.

Bright_garden_trellis_72dpi copy

The Surtex show in New York opens on Sunday 19th May and all the designs are available for licence or purchase through Advocate Art on stand 416.Bright_Garden_Happy_Birthday_card

Claire_Leggett_Collaged Flower Design Template Sunday is the first day of the Surtex show in New York.


Surtex is the biggest exhibition linking designers and manufacturers together to buy or license designs.


I so wish I was actually there but the next best thing is knowing that my agents Advocate Art are –  on stand 416.


And one my designs that are in the portfolio is Collaged Flower.

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