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 The best bit about Spring for me are the Spring flowers, with tulips and anemones being my most favourite.


 I found this little purpley blue guy growing in hiding down by my shed.

 I also discovered quite by accident whilst researching for a project brief, that Matisse liked anemones too.


I absolutely adore the colours in this painting; it says everything about Spring to me – pastel Spring-like colours, a change in light and of course anemones.

I hope it puts a spring in your step too and helps you through the last (I hope) of this winter weather.



I’ve been sloshing pink, purple, blue and red around in the lovely square of spring sunshine coming through the window.

Claire_Leggett_Anemones_nib pen

And I’d forgotten about dip pens (or nib pens or whatever you wanna call them)


The light is failing now but here’s a camera pic anyway to show the finished thing.


I did promise you last Wednesday that I would show you my ‘proper’ anemone painting, so being a woman of my word here is the still life that I set up and have been painting for the last three days.


I really like putting together a mix of stripes, florals and pattern, and keeping it all blue and white helps tone down the contrast.


One of my favourite parts of doing a painting is the fun that follows the hard work – I worked hard at getting the under painting on the teacup just right tonally – then it was fun to layer on the pattern and watch the whole thing jump to life.

Blue Check Anemones

© Claire Leggett
Blue Check Anemones

Hello and how are you? I have been painting, painting, painting (more on that soon) and designing, designing, designing ( for the last live brief of the ABSPD course which has just finished 😦 ) This is a design I put together for a competition which wasn’t successful (for me anyways!) and it was a hard lesson in technical, computer repeats. Which is why it’s always good to be able to get back to a paintbrush after a while wrestling with the computer. Which is where I’m off to right now 🙂

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