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Ok, the last you’ll hear about Amsterdam etc.


But I love this little piece – a quick little patchwork with alittle patchwork with some transfoil hi-lights.


Perfectly captures what I’ll remember best-  that big, big sky and those clouds.

claire leggett paint

I’m so gutted we’ve voted to leave the EU – I think inclusivity is always a good choice to make.

claire leggett block sew

This work is inspired by Amsterdam houses from when we visited in March –  when we were still part of the EU 😦


A couple of weeks back we went to Amsterdam for a few days.

Processed with MOLDIV

We stayed just outside of the Jordaan district and walked in everyday.


 This gave me plenty of opportunity to photograph (endlessly) cute rows of house with all the different gable shapes.

Processed with MOLDIV

Don’t be deceived by the blue skies either – it was very cold as it’s so flat the wind can just whistle through.

Processed with MOLDIV

We did a lot of the cultural sights like the museums, flower market and Anne Franks house and in between getting to all these places on foot we enjoyed the shopping too.

Processed with MOLDIV

Stach was my favourite deli – delicious and beautifully packaged too.Processed with MOLDIV

And there were lots of very cool home-ware stores too.

C_Leggett_Amsterdam_shops collage

Lots of inspiration for art-making 😄

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