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I am reliably informed that today is National Yarn Bombing day.


Yarn bombing is a kind of crochet or knit graffiti – you can read more here.


The Patchings site is yarn bombed everywhere this year and it looks cute.


This guy is my fave.


La Tamise        Derain

La Tamise Derain

Today I am loving the amazing colours of Andre Derain.

Derain  Bateaux a Collioure

Derain Bateaux a Collioure

Along with his mate Matisse he founded The Fauvist movement – after spending a summer together experimenting with their new style they exhibited their work to much critiscm.

Derain        L'Estaque

Derain L’Estaque

The dramatic colours caused the critic Louis Vauxcelles to ridicule their work as les Fauves, or “the wild beasts”, marking the start of the Fauvist movement. Art history lesson 101 for today 🙂

Derain   Trois  Arbres

Derain Trois Arbres

Well Mr Vauxcelles it’s those crazy colour combo’s that I find so inspiring, so there!

Derain  L'Estaque

Derain L’Estaque

PS Note to self, why aren’t you being a wild beast and painting those woods across the road?


briar rose 3

Next door have a beautiful Briar Rose which hangs over into our garden.

briar rose 2

This year it is particularly beautiful, dripping with big clusters of flowers.

briar rose 1

I love the vibrant pink-red of the petals and how they pale by degrees into ballet-slipper pink.

briar rose 1

They are very satisfying for capturing in watercolours as they provide lots of opportunity to let colours bleed into one another.

briar rose 2

The peppering of stamens and pollen is the painting equivalent of popping a cherry on an iced cake.

rose bud



This is the last piece that I created fresh from reading Lilla Rodgers I Just Like to Make Things, in which she exhorts artists to:
be instinctive, don’t copy, adapt or second guess buyers – create what you would buy,
apply great design, drawing and colour,
hone your style and don’t be a copycat,
and make every square inch high quality, beautiful artwork.
In other words, be free, be yourself – how liberating!


By the end of reading the book I felt like it had been like meeting a charismatic, enthusiastic, warm person at a dinner party and wishing she was your friend and inspiration for ever so that you could keep her input and creative encouragement in your life.


Green Magpies © Claire Leggett

 The book has clarified some of my thinking, sparked ideas and replenished my creative drive. My takeaways: smile, breathe, go slowly, try to enjoy every stage from beginner to over worked professional and turn up to work everyday and make beautiful art. Oh and that there are NO short cuts!


Following a walk down the garden to admire the blooms (and ignore the weeds) I came back with a little clutch of pink flowers to paint.


Trailing Geranium, Cosmos, Crazy Daisy, Briar Rose and Sweet William. The result is a quick little painting proving that there is no such thing as one shade of pink!

A little Pot of Pink  © Claire Leggett

A Little Pot of Pink © Claire Leggett


Last night was the opening evening of the RBSA Open Competition 2013. There is an amazingly wide range of beautiful pieces on show – it never ceases to amaze me how different each artists treatment is. And I am really encouraged and delighted to have Autumn Jug and Blue Checked Anemones amongst them. It’s on until the end of June.

The girls behind the The Art and Business of Surface Pattern Design course have just released their first online magazine; the only magazine available that is dedicated just to surface pattern design. It is called Moyo which means pattern in Japanese.

It is packed with interviews, design briefs, colour challenges, art reviews, student showcases, design tips, inspiration, trends and more, this free resource will be published quarterly, and you can read and download the inaugural issue here!

Make a brew and have a look for a little inspiring time-out from it all.

One of my very lovely commenters tipped me off to this lovely website –

Apart from being full of things I’d like to cook, I love the styling of the food and this one in particular gave me an idea for a still-life.

I love the colour of apricots but those gentle furry skins are hard to paint and contain every shade from red to palest yellow. Now that they are finished with it’s back to tartelette to find something to cook with them. Yum 🙂

© Claire Leggett         Apricots

Happy Easter to you!

This season has wishes of new life in a spiritual way and through nature as it blossoms all around us.

As I already said before… I love Easter,

and this year I went to town on decorating the house to celebrate it.

I love all the imagery for Easter and have collected lots of little pieces over the years (super excited when we happened upon an empty fallen nest some years ago!)

So Happy Easter from me to you. Claire x

I feel like I have been a little absent here of late. There seems to be a lot going on for this family at the moment so I put creativity on hold for a while and took a deep breath and submerged into it! Now I’m coming up for air again.


What have I been doing? This week I have…

…STILL been archiving ALL my photo’s. Hundreds, no thousands. Disc’s backed up. Contact sheets printed. Laptop memory empty! Hurrah. (Note to self: don’t let it get that bad EVER again).

…enjoying the first Spring in a new garden and seeing what comes to life.

…been buying and making things that make me think that this little acorn of a desire to be a painter, is inching it’s way towards something a little bigger.


…enjoying that extra hour of daylight at the end of the day, even if I did not manage very well on Monday. I need my sleep, what can I say, every hour counts.

….tidying up the studio, delivering for exhibition/collecting from exhibition, stretching paper, clearing the display board, getting ready for a fresh start at something.


…booking a holiday after fretting for weeks that there would be nowhere to go, any where in the world, for us! Zakynthos (Zante) here we come.

…beginning a fresh round of house renovation: wallpaper striping in preparation of some PIP Studio going up, making endless tea and coffee for the decorators who have made the house look like a freshly iced cake.

…falling in love (even more) with our dog.

Have a good weekend yourself. x.

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I had a to-do list today & printing this wasn’t on it BUT I had to try out my new printing inks from @pickprettypaints straightaway 😄🌿🌈 #textiledesign #textileart #patterns #print #printmaking #linocut #fabricprint #fabricdesign #pattern #patternmaking #linoprint #fabricprinting #patternlove #lino #alwaystimeforpatternmakibg #linoprinting
Took a little Insta break to play around painting & drawing (more on that to follow 💫) and complete some other projects -see my Stories today for a little round up 🎥 #anartistslife #catchup #artistsoninstagram #paintingplaydate #artistworld #mywork #artworkinprogress
I’ve reached the end of my #100dayproject 💪🏻 but maybe not in 100 actual days plus there are only 96 pages in my book 😉🤷🏻‍♀️ so I lost stamina towards the end and had to really search the garden for something not yet studied but I’ve done it ☺️ here’s about half of them 🖼#sketchbook #creativelifehappylife #creativityeveryday #dailypracticeofpainting #artistsoninstagram #gouache #inspiredbythegarden #artist #mygardenflowers #painting #paintersofinstagram #art#alittleeachday #gouachepainting #watercolour #watercolor #flowers #paint #sketchbookdrawing #daily #dailypracticeofpainting #watercolourpainting #paint #paintingflowers #creativity #everyday #artwork #100dayproject2021
Here’s the final few to complete my 100dayproject of painting 100 things from my garden 🌻🌿🍅🪴🌷🥬#sketchbook #creativelifehappylife #creativityeveryday #dailypracticeofpainting #artistsoninstagram #gouache #inspiredbythegarden #artist #mygardenflowers #painting #paintersofinstagram #art#alittleeachday #gouachepainting #watercolour #watercolor #flowers #paint #sketchbookdrawing #daily #dailypracticeofpainting #watercolourpainting #paint #paintingflowers #creativity #everyday #artwork #100dayproject2021

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