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oldbankstudios workers

On Friday night I packed up my materials and my travel bag and set off for a mini adventure to Harwich in Essex in order to be ready to teach on Saturday at the Old Bank Studios.

oldbankstudios marion

I was running a one-day mixed media course called All things Bright and Beautiful based on my mixed media bird paintings.

oldbankstudios-bev and liz

oldbankstudios carol,margaret and sonja

We spent the day letting loose with some paint and papers building layers of paint, print and collage onto which we could paint a bird.


With everyone’s creativity flowing, imaginations let loose and we saw an underwater landscape, a couple of coastal scenes, a castle hidden in the trees, a blossom tree as well as floral still lifes and bird scenes come to life.

oldbankstudios Jane and Claire

They were a lovely group of ladies from near and far and we had fun working alongside each other.

oldbankstudios lesley and barbara

In fact, if I lived closer I wouldn’t hesitate to join the Quilting group or a textile course as the studios are a lovely environment to work in, the people are so friendly and I haven’t even mentioned the home cooked lunch yet!

Look at this beautiful room bathed in sunlight.


I’ve not been on a course that can accommodate a delicious sit down lunch like this with beautiful home cooked food like these amazingly clever apple roses made by Bev. It was a lovely way to take a break and to chat to people more.


After lunch a hush fell on the room for about an hour while everyone got serious about finishing off their pieces and then sadly the day was over.

oldbankstudios class 2

lizs work

I’ve been really lucky so far this year to have run some really fun workshops and met some super lovely people; Old Bank Studios is run by Bev and Nigel who are genuinely two of the nicest people I’ve ever met.


And to finish, here we all are with our art.


 On Saturday 18th April 2015 I am excited to be teaching a workshop at Old Bank Studios in the lovely old town of Harwich, Essex.


The workshop day is titled All Things Bright and Beautiful.

Screen Shot 2015-03-02 at 15.52.25

We will be having a lot of fun creating a layer of abstract collage onto which we can paint shapes more suggestive of foliage or grass and then some birds or other wildlife to create a richly patterned, beautiful little canvas to take home.

blue tits in progress

It will be a very chilled day as this is a really fun way to work allowing for happy occurrences with the collage base and don’t worry we will have plenty of reference material of flowers and birds so everyone, whatever ability, can enjoy themselves and create a piece that they’re proud of.

Blue Tits_Claire_Leggett

Blue Tits © Claire Leggett

There are seven places left to date, so if you’re interested please follow this link for more infoI’d love to meet you.


Last Friday I had the most amazing day out at Gotham Primary school in Nottinghamshire celebrating the end of their Art Week with them.

butterflies 2

They had spent their week focussing all their creative energies into making their own art based on images of my art. During the week a few classes at a time had been into Loughborough on a bus trip to see my exhibition at the Sock Gallery/Town Hall and they had sketched and looked at my paintings and come up with their own creative ideas.

floral painting 2

Then their week of work culminated on Friday with a visit from a real-life artist (me!) and an exhibition of their beautiful and clever work for their families and community to enjoy in the school hall.

butterflies 1

What a super bunch of kids and what a lovely staff team  – Gotham was a delightful school to visit and I was made to feel very welcome all day.


The children are a real credit to their families and teachers and the staff are hard-working and enthusiastic – SO  full of creative ideas I could never have guessed at the range of art activities that they had generated from seeing my work.

button collage 1

There was a wealth of 2D and 3D button inspired work including clay buttons, button letters, button teacup and button trees (one of which I got to bring home which I was really pleased to have.)

button collage 2

Flowers and nature had sparked many ideas for paintings, pastels, drawing, sewing and 3D bugs and butterflies.

butterflies 4

teacups 1

My teacups, cakes and biscuit paintings inspired the children and teachers to draw, paint, make teacups and plates and paint them with patterns and even have a tea party.

teacups 3

They had looked at my pattern design work on the website too and explored making their own patterns.

collage and pattern

Every class participated in Art Week beginning in Playgroup and going right through to year six who were painting flowers from samples of my work ready to cut and collage onto music sheets.

Foundation years

It was so exciting to see teachers investing time and enthusiasm into practising and exploring art (brilliantly led by their Art Co-ordinator) and the results are fantastic as the ability of the children is plain to see – a school of future creatives me thinks!

Floral painting 1

During the day I visited each class in turn to see what they were working on and answer any questions they might have – and they had some super questions ready to ask and some really hard to answer ones like ‘ Why do you like to paint?’ Kids have the knack of cutting to the heart of things too (‘Are you rich?’ ‘Are you famous?’ ‘Why don’t you paint people?’) but all asked with utter politeness and charm – I loved talking to them all.


After lunch was the exhibition  – I was lost for words when I saw all their work collected up and displayed beautifully on patterned tablecloths and hung from a tree branch – it has to be the most creative use of gym equipment (other than a PE lesson) that I have ever see (well done Laura!)



The whole room was charming and beautifully done and the exhibition was really well supported by lots of visitors (I’m afraid all my photos at this point were blurred but there are some here to give you an idea.)

teacups 2

We even had our photo taken for the local paper.



All in all it was a very special day for me – it’s so easy to sit at home alone and create things to show the world and quite a different experience to see the world actually looking at them and finding inspiration in them.

butterflies 3

Thank you everyone at Gotham Primary for having me for the day and ‘doing Art Week on the artist Claire Leggett’ – very humbling and a special day that I will remember for ever.


Good morning to you ! It’s a lovely bright, crisp sunny day here – perfect for the new year.


I have some new year bargains to share with you – first up are the last four remaining calendars going for a song at £5 each (plus p & p).

1.2015 calendar Cover_flattened_CMYK  OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

If you’re interested please email me at Postage is about £1.65 in the UK depending how many you take.


And I also made some packs of cards for my Christmas markets and have a few of each left. You can see what cards are in each pack by looking at the sheet tied onto the basket in the photo. Or look here for bigger images.

£10 for five large rectange cards (that’s £2 each) and £9 for five square cards (£1.80 each) all tied up with ribbon and tags. Postage is about £1.85 in the UK depending how many you take.

Again please email if you’re interested because I don’t have time to photograph and update my Etsy page, so I’m just selling them off here.

Happy Monday, Claire x 🙂


Just interrupting the Dec Reflections to say that I’ll be here tomorrow if you live in the Manchester area and fancy some shopping 😉


I picked some of the last garden flowers and brought them into the studio and I think they are influencing the colour of my work 🙂


I adore the colour fade on this Dahlia.


And The Untamed Yellow Bush taking over the garden is very happy for me to cull it and those flowers are so cheery to be around.


Happy days painting and patterning.claire_leggett_red_notebook

claire_leggett_acrylic_bird_play copy

Good Monday morning to you – I hope you have a had a lovely weekend. Today I have been asked to take a turn hosting the Around the World Creative Blog Hop. It’s always fun to take part in these things; I’ve made some lovely blogging friends, one of which is Helen who asked me to do this this and hosted it herself last week. Helen’s blog is a great visit – she is always working on something beautiful and her home styling, cakes, gardening and baking are equally inspiring. Her post answering the four questions required is here. Now for my turn…


  • What am I working on now?
  • Every week is different – today I am taking down my paintings from my first solo show at Harborne Art Gallery as it has sadly run to its end date. I’m also working on a delicious brief this week from my agents at Advocate Art for a prospective client. It is a fun brief that requires me to let loose with watercolours and flowers, so I am enjoying sloshing about. After that I have some geometric pattern designs to work up from my Italy photos and a meeting with a new prospective gallery this week too.
  • Claire_leggett_at_work
    • How does my work differ from others of its genre?
    • I think art work is so personal and such a reflection of the artist themselves, that the question is a little like asking ‘how do you differ from the next person’. People who know me say my work is very me and that’s all I’ve tried to do is be authentic. I love colour and pattern and putting it all together to make cheerful paintings or designs.


    • Why do I write/create what I do?
    • All creatives say that they need to create as it’s in their life blood – so I won’t say that again (although I just did! and it’s true )  I love colour, pattern and painting and never get tired of looking at the natural world for forms and florals and am endlessly admiring of others who’ve made artistic beauty be it in the design of a building, garden, pattern, painting, even a piece of packaging. I’m at my happiest being able to take it all in, assimilate it and produce my own creative work.
    • Claire_leggett._light_shafts_design
  • How does my writing/creative process work?
  • It’s very cyclical – I paint a still life, like a colour palette and or a flower shape and create a pattern or a card design and then photograph it and write about my work for my blog, and round it goes. Occasionally I’ll have a ‘break-out’ moment when I go off menu and create without agenda but mostly one process leads to ideas for another application or process.

Hope you’ve enjoyed a little of my inner cerebellum!

So now I’m passing on my nominations who will host similarly next week beginning Aug 11th:

Craig from Fishink blog

Gabriella – gabriella buckingham blogspot

Sharon from Teacup Incident blog

These are all people I’ve connected with over the years who write interesting blogs and whose work I admire and whose answers to those four questions I will look forward to reading. Please click-through the links and visit them next week too.

June Moseley invite

Tomorrow: Saturday 28th June 9am – 3pm, I will be at: Moseley Arts Market, Alcester Rd, Moseley, selling cards, prints and paintings.
Come and say hi.

plan,dream,believe sign

I am back from Patchings Festival. I had a much-needed pyjama day yesterday and a tidying and admin day today. Being in a marquee for 4 days was a little like camping – everything has grass on it. It was the most fun event to do – my neighbouring stall holders were funny, experienced and super friendly – and those laughs helped the quieter times to pass a little quicker. Thank you to all those of you who visited with positive and encouraging comments – I kept a little note of them when I could because it’s so nice to read them back- it really does make the world of difference to me. Having all my work out in one place makes me feel vulnerable to criticism and whilst I know my colour sensibilities and style are not everyone’s cup of tea, it is so greatly welcomed when people enthuse and validate it – so thank you if you did. It was also lovely to meet a few internet connections in person – I hope it was worth the trip! I may have some workshop opportunities coming in the future so I will keep you posted here on the blog as and when they happen.

claire leggett my mosley market stall

Saturday just gone, was my first time at having a market stall at the Moseley Arts market which runs every 4th Saturday of the month and I had a great time.

claire leggett_the dream team

It was so much fun playing shop and I had the best help and I got to speak to people and glean some feedback about what they like in my work.

ClaireLeggett_Mosely market setting up

I’m not known for sparkling first thing in the morning but I managed to be up and at it – I had, had a practice run setting up on the kitchen table but forgot to print off a photo to refer to but it all worked out well enough.

claire leggett mosley market street

On one side of the street runs the art stalls – see the dry pavement and weak sun!

Claire Leggett Moseley Farmers Market

And on the other side grouped around the village green, are the farmers stalls – note the umbrellas – best to stay on our side of the road!!

claire leggett mosley market

I met some lovely people during the day – one was a lady who had bought one of my paintings from a local gallery back in 2010 – I forgot to tell her it was one of the first external sales that I’d had and it really spurred me on – maybe she’ll read this and hear that way 🙂

claire leggett mosley market close up 1

I had lovely support from friends who came down and your sweet comments here wishing me well – thank you all x

claire leggett mosley market close up 2

I’ll be back here at Mosley in June (can’t make May unfortunately) and at Patchings in early June.


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