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There was a small shaft of sunlight through my studio skylight window this morning and it prompted a bit of spring cleaning.

Screen Shot 2013-03-14 at 15.04.47

I found I had 5 new illustrations to put up here

Screen Shot 2013-03-14 at 15.11.13

and 16 new paintings to put in the gallery.Screen Shot 2013-03-14 at 15.38.53

Next up are the files of pattern designs to sort through and upload, the piles of annoying admin jobs to do and finally a sweep up. Hope Spring keeps showing itself or it will all grind to halt again!


Today I took 20 pieces of work over to the Greenstage Gallery ready for hanging this week.

jeanette faulkner clarke

jeanette faulkner clarke

It’s my biggest show yet and I’m really excited to see it on Friday. If you live close by (it’s near Bishops Frome in Worcester – 8 miles from Malvern) I would love to meet you in person – private view is 7-9pm. Directions are here.

sara mead

sara mead

I’m one of three other female artists sharing the show and as you can see from the examples of their work here, I am amongst talented company.

veronique avon

veronique avon

Hope to see you Friday 🙂

It’s been a busy few days here… last week I went to London and visited the Country Living Christmas fair. I didn’t get many photos as there are so many people it’s hard to step back and see anything. But I did start my Christmas shopping – oh yes!

It was a lovely way to get into the mood for Christmas (which has to happen in November if you are the Responsible Present Buying Half of the partnership!)

Then on Saturday night I reached a proper grown-up milestone by going to the opera for the first time. We went with friends to see La Bohème performed by the Welsh National Opera. It is written in Italian, set in Paris and sung by Welsh people! It could have been more relaxing if I’d been fluent in Italian – then I wouldn’t have had to read the subtitles to know what was going on.

And finally, yesterday I delivered eight paintings to a new (to me) gallery called Greenstage Gallery

This gallery is situated in the Hop Pocket Craft Center in Worcestershire. I’m very grateful to have another opportunity to exhibit some more of my work and it spurs me on to create some new work – which brings me full circle in my busyness 🙂

I am really excited to say that these paintings were chosen (after a portfolio viewing  – scary :)) by the Wet Paint Gallery in Cirencester, to go in one of their other venues – the Lavender Bakehouse  Arts & Crafts rooms in Stroud, Gloucestershire.

Cirencester is the capital of The Cotswolds; one of our lovely quintessentially English villages with bunting and a beautiful parish church in the centre.

It’s chock full of history; The Romans, Saxons, Normans and Tudors all had a hand in shaping it and fighting over it. Oh and it has nice shops!

So I’m hoping that these will appeal to someone in the run up to Christmas and I’m very grateful to be showing in a second venue this winter – fingers crossed.





A new exhibition opens this evening at New Leaf Gallery, Monmouth, South Wales.

Little Bakewell, Willow Pattern, Cupcake, Coffee Pot.

New Leaf Gallery is an independent gallery showing paintings, sculpture and applied arts. It’s situated in the gorgeous town of Monmouth on a sweet little cobbled side mews.

image credit

I’m delighted to be showing ten of my paintings alongside some gorgeous ceramics.

Little Dog, Blue and Yellow

It will run for the next three weeks so if you’re in the area it’s a lovely place to visit.

Green Tea, Button Teapot, Teatime and Tea Table.

I can tell you about my week through my ‘painting-a-day’ paintings.

May 23rd    © Claire Leggett 

An orchid from the salad at our Thai meal to celebrate being wedded for twenty whole years – yes I did take a flower out of the salad and yes, I did say 20 years!

May 24th   © Claire Leggett 

A pale pink, double-headed Aquilegia which was the only casualty of having a new fence put up down one side of the garden.

May 25th   © Claire Leggett 

A raspberry pink, candy striped Dahlia bought on impulse at a grocer’s shop in Ledbury.

I was in Ledbury (which is a sweet, quintessentially English market town) to drop off some paintings at Shell House Gallery.

Saturday 26th May is the opening day of “Artists Garden” – a group show. I love painting flowers from my garden and so was delighted to be able to join in. While I was there I bought these dahlias and some other fabulous bedding plants to paint, so the cycle continues.

Last night was the private view of the Contemporary Watercolour Competition at the Royal Watercolour Society at Bankside, London. We arrived late afternoon to a gorgeous riverside sunset (that’s St Paul’s in the background there) and walked along the south bank of the Thames.

 It’s like a culture corridor with the Festival Hall, National Theatre and Tate Modern all along side the river path and mixed in with the coolest skate park in a graffittied concrete underpass and even a Bollywood movie being prepped for filming. But how cool is that Airstream cafe above?

The private view was really well attended but as we arrived really early we got a chance to take some photo’s of Tea Table in situ.

There was an enormous variety of work on show from the very transparent to the very opaque, the gesteral to the photo realistic, the experimental to the very accurate. It was so heart warming to see that there really is a place for everyone to create and so amazing that no two artists, who paint from their hearts, ever make the same painting.

Tea Table got a nice central place on the wall – thank you very muchly.

The RWS selection really did support its aim to “encourage innovation and experimentation in watercolour painting, spanning work on paper in watercolour, acrylic, gouache, pen & ink and watercolour mixed media.” I was impressed by how forward thinking an organisation it seems to be whilst still valuing the roots and history of traditional watercolour painting.

It was a great night made all the more so by its glamorous capital city location. I feel very grateful for the opportunity and can’t wait to get stuck into some more painting again soon inspired by being amongst such stimulating artistry.

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