As this blog serves as a kind of diary for me and a reminder of what I was doing and when, it seems only right to record everything momentous – not just my artistic adventures but also sometimes personal stuff that when shared serves to contribute to the world in someway. As I’m happy to share the inconsequential Stuff of Life it’s only right to record here the more important, monumental penny-dropping that I’ve experienced in the last few weeks as the Black Lives Matter issues have risen up to confront my White Fragility head-on.

I don’t mind telling you that I feel my age (50- this is not an excuse) I feel lucky to have a 21 year old home to help re-educate my thinking on these matters and to refer to as a compass point as I re-organise years of pre-programmed mindsets. I have been asleep for a long time – I mean I thought I was non-biased but when I look at things in a new light, I’m not. I fall, well intentioned, into many situations that I could have handled much better if I’d been awake. I didn’t mean to but I grew older and stopped reading and feeling the energy to be active (I am not excusing this) I now understand that is part of my White Priviledge – to be blissfully unaware and unaffected. I feel woefully unequipped by my school education (in the 1980’s) to have a useable, modern framework with which to understand how to think and behave in 2020. But I’m awake again; listening more widely to things than ever before, trying to pummel my 50 year old brain into learning again (it’s been a while) and to alter my understanding from the racist rhetoric I was (not intentionally) steeped in as a child of the 80’/90’s.

My business is just me, working alone at home mostly. But this is my Anti-Racist policy none-the-less.