studio shelves

Today marks the beginning of week 2 of COVID quarantine. Not only has a lot happened since I last blogged 6 months ago but an enormous, life-shifting change has taken place in the last 7/10 days due to the virus we are suffering from worldwide.

Government enforced home-stay and the cancellation and postponement of all my freelance work sent me spinning at first and my Artist in Residence exhibition (planned for the end of May) is now up in the air date-wise.

I threw myself into the cathartic activity of sorting and cleaning my studio (which is at home) and that activity has helped me to calm myself and prepare to embrace a new chapter instead. It’s been a major week-long purge of Stuff, organising projects half started which still want to be finished and ridding my workspace of what no longer serves or inspires. The space can breathe again and so can I.

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There is a collective feeling that the enforced slowing down is beneficial and I can feel that personally. It’s causing all-sorts of reflection – the first being to breathe life back into this neglected space.