I made a pilgrimage to London earlier in the week to see the Painting the Modern Garden exhibition at the Royal Academy.

Bonnard Summer in Normandy

Bonnard: Summer in Normandy

Although Monet and Renoir are the A-listers attracting attention for this exhibition, the scope of it is wider and it introduced me to some artists I’d not heard of before like Sorolla.

Soralla: Garden of the Sorolla House

Soralla: Garden of the Sorolla House

The theme of the exhibition was the modern garden in the late nineteenth, early twentieth century and the relationship between developments in horticulture and the response to it by developing art movements.

Klimt: Cottage Garden

You can’t take photo’s inside but these are my favourite stand-out pieces.

Lot’s of the artists themselves developed gardens of their own to paint (Monet’s being the most famous.) They laughed at Pissarro calling him a market gardener as he preferred the working garden but this was my favourite painting from the whole show – this colour repro doesn’t do the lime and turquoise justice though.

I wrote my A level dissertation on Tissot so it felt like a circle in time to see this beautiful painting in the flesh.


Hope you enjoyed it vicariously – happy Easter weekend.