When we stayed in Granada we were on the very edge of the old town near to the The Albaicin quarter.

Claire_Leggett_The Albaicin, Granada3

It is very steep and full of winding streets – even Google maps struggled to get us home one night!

Claire_Leggett_The Albaicin, Granada2

We took a walking tour which provided a lot of useful history and prevented us from being lost a lot.

Claire_Leggett_The Albaicin, Granada 1

The hard work put into climbing up high was the spectacular views it afforded.

Claire_Leggett_View from the hillside,  Granada

© Claire Leggett View From The Hillside, Granada

It is thought that Flamenco singing and guitar came from the mix of settlers in the The Albaicin – the Arabs and Spanish mixing their musical influences and styles.

Claire_Leggett_The Albaicin, masking fluidjpg

A lot of their homes were built into the hillside as they were very poor but it was also cool.


These are now adapted and modernised but still show the original structure.

Claire_Leggett_The Albaicin, in progress

I loved painting this highly patterned painting – challenging though it was with all those stripes and railings – I knew as soon as I took the photo that I’d love to tackle the overlapping shapes and lines.

Claire_Leggett_The Albaicin, Granada

© Claire Leggett The Albaicin, Granada