MAC_Lynda Aaron Life Drawing

Lynda Aaron

The Midlands Art Center (MAC) has been part of my life since I came to Birmingham as a student over 26 years ago. Like any normal friendship its had periods of intensity and periods of neglect but always featured in someway whether it was when I was a single girl with time to socialise there or as a mum with toddlers needing a run about the park or as a stifled creative finding periods of creative bliss on short courses.

MAC_Marc Mackay Life Drawing

Marc Mackay

Quite by chance providence I have been lucky enough to find some work there since last year as a tutor bringing together all the phases of my life studying art, textiles, printing and working with children and I can’t tell you how much I love it – it’s rounded out my solitary life in the studio and I get to be part of the MAC family with all the benefits that brings.

On my way to teach my classes I walk along a corridor where this exhibition is currently hanging: Made at mac: life drawing – some of the work of the Saturday life drawing class.

MAC_Chris Marshall Life Drawing

Chris Marshall

There is such life and joy in these pieces; I was immediately inspired by them. Such clever ways using mixed media to describe the human body.

MAC_Jayne Lea Life Drawing

Jayne Lea

My favourite is this one using newspaper and paint to use positive and negative spaces – genius.

MAC_Jayne Lea Life Drawing closeup

Well worth a look if you’re a local.