Ahh, it’s seems immaterial to either show these photos so belatedly or to yadda on about why I didn’t show them before – just not enough time in the day… but here they are anyways.

claire_leggett_Borough Market1

So this was what we did on day 2 of our ‘recent’ gad about London.

claire_leggett_Borough Market

This is Borough market, tucked under the railway arches of South East London and in the shadow of The Shard.

claire_leggett_Borough Market4

It used to be a wholesale fruit and veg market and there was never really any reason to go to Southwark back in the day (when I were a lass) but now it’s a fashionable place to go for all foodies, thanks in part to celebrity chefs endorsing it and the rise of independent food suppliers.

claire_leggett_Borough Market3

I dunno what it is about a pile of fruit and veg that gets my inspiration juices flowing, but it does.

claire_leggett_Borough Market9

Probably colour and texture.

claire_leggett_Borough Market2

These squashes made the most beautiful display of colour and shape.

claire_leggett_Borough Market12

My other half is the same but he wants to buy and cook it.

claire_leggett_Borough Market7

We had to satisfy ourselves with bread and mushrooms (but my, what mushrooms!)

claire_leggett_columbia road

In other news – we went here after a recommendation only to find all the shops pretty much closed  – so my advice to you is don’t bother unless the Sunday flower market is on.

claire_leggett_liberty london

So although we were trying to avoid my usual London triangulation, we ended up doing it anyway.

claire_leggett_ london

The Christmas lights were looking lovely and Liberty didn’t disappoint either.

Anita Klein @ Eames Fine Art Studio

                         Anita Klein @ Eames Fine Art Studio

I also happened across Eames Fine Art Studio on Bermondsey Street where they’re having an Anita Klein exhibition.

anita klien 1

You know already I’m a fan. This work shows her exploring her experiences of becoming a grandmother for the first time. Beautiful as ever.

Anita Klein @ Eames Fine Art Studio

Anita Klein @ Eames Fine Art Studio