I always feel it’s hard to find a blogging voice when a period of time has passed. I have been busy, distracted and a little bit quiet at times recently. I’ve been working hard but don’t have piles of paintings to show you. I’ve been reflecting and regrouping; finding my grass-roots again.


I’m not sure whose out there reading my thoughts anymore; I have a feeling that blogs aren’t as popular as they used to be and I’ve been giving that some thought lately. Holly wrote a good article on Decor8 this week about it and that got me thinking.


I like to read the blogs of people who interest me, who I might like to have as a friend, people who have entered into a blogging relationship with me through leaving their very welcome comments here, people who inspire me to greater things in some way, people who see the world the way I do and some who see it radically different.


So I’m not sure that my own blog fits any of those standards but I do know that I don’t want it to die away because I like connecting with people, I need to know if you like my work, agree with my ideas or enjoy the same things that I do.


I have recently been cutting down on overloading my incoming/inspiration pipeline – you know when you’ve read too much, looked at too many images, pinned the next big things you’re going to do and then you don’!  I have cancelled magazine subscriptions, slimmed down my on-line time, culled a few Followings, decided Twitter doesn’t need me or I it ( or any new social media offerings) but have come out the other side nostalgic and parental about this blog. I don’t make any money from it, I simply like to document what I’m doing and really enjoy knowing that sometimes it resonates with other people.

So I could have summed that all up by saying sorry for being flaky lately, my blog is not R.I.P in fact I am renewing my vows with it!