We are just back from our summer holiday to Southern Spain.


Here’s ten things I loved about visiting Spain for the first time:

Figiliania claire leggett

1. La Mezquita, Cordoba.


You’re really spoilt for choice in Spain when it comes to choosing a historic building to visit. This one has been on my bucket list for some time and it did not disappoint. I’ll definitely be doing some future work from my visit and I’ll share my trillions of photos of this amazing place in detail then.


2. Ethnic goods without the hassle and barter.

claire leggett spain 2015

Who knew you could buy all the same things as we did in Marrakesh but without the stress and general mayhem that goes with shopping in that part of Morocco.


3. Tiles

Spanish tiles Claire Leggett

 Everywhere – need I say any more?!


4. Flamenco.


Absolutely took our breath away… so passionate, committed, vital and utterly compelling to watch. Not to be a snob, but this is professional Flamenco – worth paying for as the difference to street Flamenco is enormous.


5. The Alhambra.

claire_leggett_alhambra july 2015

Alhambra collage

 Another wish-list destination – a Moorish Palace with beautiful gardens as well. Again, I’m sure I’ll be painting from my photos there so more to come on this gem of a place another time.


6. So many awesome churches and religious buildings.

Processed with Moldiv

 We are so lucky to live in a part of Europe chock-a-block with history and the Catholics really knew how to adorn a building beautifully.


7. Sauntering.

Processed with Moldiv

 I love a wander and there’s no other way to cope with the heat than to just meander through places. Our luckiest find was this beautiful tea-house = fabulous tea and interior.


8.Indigenous flora.

claire leggett

 I love snapping away on visits abroad; everything seems exotic and unusual. What’s common to the people who live there (like Hibiscus flowers on the trees) is glamourous to me.


9. Doors, windows, grills.

claire leggett

 I really do love doors, windows, tiles, railings and door furniture. I love the colour combinations and see colour references for future pattern designs everywhere.

Spanish doors claire leggett

10. The people.

Granada claire leggett

We met some wonderful locals; ones we were meant to meet and ones who just helped us when we were lost or confused about road signs etc. The Spanish are very accepting and none more so than on the beach where granny can wear her bikini alongside the youngest lovelies. Superb! They also live life – up early and still socialising late.


With my youngest hoping to study Spanish at Uni, I’m sure this won’t be my first and last visit to this wonderful country. Que es grande!