madder 4

Da-dahhh! A break in my artistic output for another creative past-time – it’s an almost headless me sporting me new hand-knit; Madder by Carrie Bostock Hodge.

madder 3

My recent stay in b&b accommodation for Patchings meant blissful evenings with nowt to do but please myself; books, knitting, TV, films… aah it was heaven for a few days and so the cardi got finished.

madder 2

I started well – it was my first time knitting a whole garment in the round and the stocking stitch turned out beautifully. Then I hit the patterned yoke – I ripped it out four consecutive times which is no mean feat on a circular needle – eventually I had to try to knit it with no distractions, no TV, no chat, no movement, nothing! so I put out a sign saying Do Not Enter (the room) so I could just absolutely concentrate on getting the pattern right (it’s a long way round if you’ve got the stitch count wrong on a circular row!)

madder 5

Once I’d done the first repeat pattern section, I wondered what all my fuss had been about and got on easily with the next two repeats. Great pattern, lovely gifted yarn and something I’ll probably wear instead of knitting it and hanging it in the cupboard.

Have a super weekend x