claire_leggett_marrakesh street 2

They say you should throw away any map when you go to Marrakesh because you will never navigate your way through all the souks (it’s true!)

claire_leggett_marrakesh street 1a

That does mean that wandering and looking around is high on the agenda.

claire_leggett_marrakesh street

It’s also best to look like you know where you are going even if you don’t – the last thing you need to do is attract a ‘helper’.

claire_leggett_marrakesh street ollie

So I came home with a camera card full of alleyway pictures – striped plaster, rusty ironwork, carved wood, shadows and rugs.


I started a piece on a blue painted acrylic background and then added the first layer of gouache paint. But by the end of day one something was nagging me. Turned out to be the composition, which meant that a lot of the painting was given over to a not very interesting wall to look at. That’s when Mike Bernard’s influence kicked in.


I decided to wash it all off, dry it overnight and start afresh in the morning.


The following few days were spent layering up collage materials and layers of paint. I used textured papers which spoke better of the wall’s surface and created a depth and an interest to the big expanse.

Claire_leggett_Moroccan Alleyway

I learnt a lot on this little piece; namely that although the composition leads the eye well, it is actually too triangular and throws up other problems.


Here’s a close-up of my favourite part of this piece.