Doesn’t this burst of sunny Spring weather put one in a great frame of mind? I’m enjoying it even more so for getting away to Dorset last week for a few days change of scenery.



And it was so pretty down there with Daff’s, Blossom, Magnolias and Primroses at every turn.


The little village where we stayed was a picture postcard with the prettiest church yard I ever did see (it’s a family joke that I love a good graveyard – long story…)


Bridport has been on my list of places-to-go since I’ve read about it’s amazing vintage markets.


I think we may have been too late for the best of that (who gets up early on holiday!) but I still had a good mooch, loved the veg markets, and discovered a lovely wool shop too.


West Bay has become famous as the Broadchurch beach and it is spectacular (Apparently the US knows it as Gracepoint – I wonder if it’s got the same beach in it?).


This photo sums up the dog’s experience!


She was in seventh heaven coming out and about with us as we usually get on with things and leave her at home (she’s not a lead-walking dog, doesn’t walk in a straight line and doesn’t much like busy places) but she had some fun times too.


And it’s put a spring in my step and I’ll pop back tomorrow to show you the art is has inspired because I think I’m going to get it finished today.