Marrakesh is a place for using rooftop spaces to cool down and catch a breeze but it is not a picturesque panorama to look at.

Marrakesh rooftop 2

That said I have been wanting to paint an urban landscape for some time but it is hard as there is so much geometry and life packed into the scene – throw in some perspective and layering issues to resolve and it’s a challenge!


Most Marrakesh houses boast a satellite dish on top of their home and this makes for an interesting collage of square, rectangular and circular shapes all overlapping and jumbled together.

marrakesh rooftops in progress

These are some sketchbook pieces I’ve been doing. Sketchbooks by their nature take the pressure off the idea that this is a ‘proper piece’ and thus it allows for freedom and play.

marrakesh rooftops in progress 2

I’ve enjoyed printing, collaging and layering up paint to make these.

Marrakesh rooftop 1

I’m loving all these spicy, hot colours too. Off to do some more now…