***ALL 4 SOLD NOW*** Spring cleaning sale…

spring cleaning sale notice

Never done one of these before but I’m in the mood for a clear out so I thought I’d offer these four little teacup paintings up for a quick sale at a rock bottom price.

Little Pip

We have Little Pip named after one of my first Pip Studio teacups,

Pink Stripe

Pink Stripe which is still my favourite cup with all that loverly pink and gold,

Oriental Teacup

Oriental Teacup which in reality cost me 25 pence because its chipped and cracked but in this painting has regained it’s youth,

Turquoise Teacup

and Turquoise Teacup whose a little, diddy baby cup.


£25/$39 each or all four for £80/$123.

Please email me at hello@claireleggett.co.uk saying what you’d like to buy and I will send payment details.

P&P in the UK will be an additional £1.50 on each mailing

P&P Abroad will be an additional $5.80 on each mailing

Still a bargain though!