Oh hello sad neglected blog – where have I been for the last two weeks I ask myself ? Only two weeks, it feels longer. I’ve had to check the calendar myself to account for the time!

Well working backwards…my most recent distraction has been as chief interview-taxi-driver which paid off as our son got a fabulous job (he’s a chef, now in a great kitchen where he will learn lots and help them get a Michelin star*) That led into preparing, buying, shopping, planning and doing his move out into live-in accommodation (someone pass me the tissue box.)

In reality he’s not actually far from home and we will see him on his days off when he comes back for a rest, some home-cooking and home-comforts (hope he’s reading this!) but that didn’t stop my emotions welling over because it is a punctuation, a mile-stone, a change in family dynamic so it was bitter-sweet to see him off to his next greatest opportunity and miss him in between.


 I quickly got busy though as I had already planned a Macmillan Cancer Care coffee morning to raise some funds for the work that they do so I had a day to bake the cakes (and dry my moist eyes!) Do you remember the box of teacups I got given last summer? Well I felt that such an unexpected and undeserved gift deserved to be put to some greater good – and I so it was and we raised £100.


Some where before all that Mr Lurgy stopped by for a short but tiring visit – has to happen in January doesn’t it – British law or something…


I spent three solid weeks designing some greetings cards and special birthday cards for my agent to take to Spring Fair which was last week – fingers crossed they were successful.


I cast on for a cardigan for me. It’s been a while since I did anything that was large, or not socks or for me. Last cardigan was a disaster (finished, never worn, stretched just on the hanger and now too large) so I’m a little nervous about this but I’ve researched and measured and am hopeful. That said if any of you out there have knitted this and want to tell me any hints now, then please do, I’m all ears (it’s Sibella by Carrie Bostick Hoge).


Been pinning quite a lot whilst laid up and found this genius idea – I’m fed up with loosing my iPhone cable down the back of the desk so I ‘made’ one – she is my first employee and I gave her a chair to sit on because it’s a long job, 24/7 and I’m a fair employer you know.


Ok, I think I’m all about caught up into real-time. Studio has been tidied, admin is done, it’s time to be creative again.