I feel like the Christmas countdown began this week. It just suddenly hit me that I needed to gear up for present giving, family hosting, people feeding – all whilst keeping one eye on the calendar for vet appointments, dentist, doctors, new window installation, the first-borns birthday – all whilst keeping my hands busy making creative Christmas gifts. Full on but good. Oh and I didn’t mention five more craft fairs I plan to do between now and Dec 20th. So here’s the two for this weekend coming. Saturday (above) Moseley – same place, different stall holders. And Sunday (below) which is a charity craft market in aid of Gumboots Foundation which promises to be good because Moorpool Hall is so cute and there will be vintage style tea and cakes and lots of good quality crafts. Come if you can.333

And a couple of things to share: Lilla Rodgers has recorded 5 short inspirational videos to keep us creatives on track. I don’t know about you but the short, dark days, the cold and general winding down of the year, all help my creative self morph into Eeyore, so these video’s came at the right time to help me finish the year with a creative sparkle. You can find them here.

Screen Shot 2014-11-27 at 16.30.32

And my lovely friend ‘Abigella’, has put me onto Susanna Conway’s December Reflections which nicely rounds out my feelings of frenetic activity by simply asking us to stop, look and photograph one thing each day as we gear up for Christmas and the New Year. Just as a way of pausing and punctuating the busyness and although there is a guide of daily photo prompts you don’t have to use it to join in- click here if you’d like more info and to sign up.


Ok – three weeks of ironing to catch up on now – ouch!