Astrid Trügg  On a Chest of Drawers

Astrid Trügg    On a Chest of Drawers

I thought I’d share the work of Astrid Trügg with you today.

Astrid Trügg  Stacked Bowls

Astrid Trügg    Stacked Bowls

Astrid is a painter originally from the Netherlands but now lives and works in Edinburgh, Scotland.

Astrid Trügg  Late Afternoon

Astrid Trügg    Late Afternoon

She used to focus her painting on architecture but developed a love of still life after discovering the work of Ben Nicholson.

Astrid Trügg  Pomegrantes

Astrid Trügg    Pomegrantes

The influence is clear to see with a love of scumbled surfaces and flattened planes of composition.

Astrid Trügg  Gathering of Objects

Astrid Trügg    Gathering of Objects

The same love of texture can be seen in her mixed media collage approach.

Astrid Trügg  Still Life and Blue Cloth

Astrid Trügg     Still Life and Blue Cloth

She often re-uses favourite objects and motifs in her work as they have a strong personal attachment for her.

Astrid Trügg  Lemon and Stripy Jug

Astrid Trügg    Lemon and Stripy Jug

I love the moody quality she creates with a dark background and hilighted areas on the objects.

Astrid Trügg  In a Tin

Astrid Trügg    In a Tin

And I like her muted colour palette with pops of turquoise, indigo and yellow.

Astrid Trügg  Preparations

Astrid Trügg    Preparations

Hope you enjoy it too. You can buy her work here.