Claire_LEggett_Pattercamp_End of day 1 patterns copy

I’m just popping in today to enthuse about my fabulous weekend doing Patterncamp with Jessica Swift. If you don’t know her work then she’s a very talented pattern designer from the US who delivered a live course this weekend on designing patterns.There were loads of videos explaining the basics and beyond, on hand help in real-time to answer queries and solve all the inevitable glitches and a live video check in to address even more questions – it was fun and full on.


The main grab for me was learning to pattern design using the software Illustrator. I’ve dipped in it from time to time and got more frustrated rather than more able – so I knew I needed a tutorial. The other piece of equipment languishing away unused is my Wacom tablet. So when I read about this course delivering video lessons on both things, I was sold straight away.

Claire LEggett Tulip design 72dpi

And it delivered on all counts and way more –  my head is hanging to one side today because it’s pounds heavier now it’s full of new information! Doing it live meant staying up till midnight both nights but it was worth it to take part in the live chat on Facebook and Spreecast. All round a lot of fun and highly recommendable.