A little while back, before the show closed, we had ourselves a little day trip to see the exhibition by Claire Curneen called To This I Put My Name at the Ruthin Craft Centre, Wales.


Claire Curneen is a ceramicist, internationally known, and my HB is a BIG fan of her work – hence the longish day trip to Wales to see it 🙂


It was well worth it as her work is very special; touching and emotional.


She likes to work in white porcelain,building from the feet upwards which she does by holding individual pieces of clay that she presses into her palm and adds together to create the form. All these pieces then bear the marks of her fingers which brings an additional connection between artist and piece. She will sometimes find a gap or hole in the 3D form which she chooses to leave as it provides an insight into the structure.


She makes personal, intimate portraits which are often quite sorrowful, and she likes to exaggerate the hands and feet in order to communicate emotion and vulnerability. These are often based on her own, so in that sense it becomes autobiographical.



Ruthin, Clwyd_1

While we were in Ruthin we had a little potter around the village which was very quaint and English/Welsh ( oh the Welsh are going to slate me for saying that but it was quintessential – you know what I mean!)

Ruthin house 1

I do love to walk around new places picking houses that I’d move into – and either of these would do nicely.

Ruthin, House 2

Finally do you see the pub below left – The Myddelton Grill on the Square ? Look how many roof windows have been put in over time – cute.

Ruthin, Clwyd_2

I really enjoy trips around foreign places via other people’s blogs (Sharon does it particularly well 😉 So I hope you’ve enjoyed a little armchair trip this Sunday.