Last post was 10 days ago – really? I don’t know how that happened. I’ve been here, working away everyday. I can’t explain such an absence – sorry.

I’ve been cutting these yellow flowers down as fast as they grow just so we can walk down the garden – they are ginormous and hanging all over the path – not sure show to rectify this problem as I’ve already tied them back twice but at least they look nice as they drop rain drops on you as you slide past.


Been worrying about this cutie as she has seriously damaged the cruciate ligament in her knee (anyone reading this with any experience of the same, we’d love to hear – please email Looks like either expensive surgery or early rheumatism  – feeling sad about it either way 😦  X-rays next week and then we will know some concrete facts.


Been trying to finish what I started in the garden but it turned really cold this week and the wind blew down my bean and sweet pea wigwams so they are not marvellous even though we tied them back up and because of the miserable weather, my interest is waning. I usually love the harvest ta,da’s but I’m not feeling it yet this year…


I have been crushing on this wonderful artist whose print I just bought below –  Jennifer Orkin Lewis is the artist behind the name August Wren who has a wonderful style that inspires me no end. She has a project over on instagram where she’s painting daily in her sketchbook and it’s awesome – check it out here.


Jennifer Orkin Lewis

Our Bank Holiday project last weekend was to spend an inordinate amount of time chewing over the merits and down points of putting the top back on the dresser (it’s just been a cupboard for years) whether to paint it or not (the bottom is old Welsh pine) whether to put all that china out (whose gonna dust it – you guessed) should we keep the shelves open or put the pine boarding on behind…yadda, yadda, yadda. In the end we propped it all up (no screws yet) and decided to live with it – within seconds of that we both decided we loved it!


And my final piece of scintillating news is that I bought some of these bags – big dream come true! It doesn’t take much to please me!!

I have seen artists turn up to events as cool as cucumbers and unpack their undamaged work from these marvellous foil/bubble wrap bags and I have watched with my green eyes!!


I had a gallery visit a few weeks back and got buried in a pile of discarded bubble wrap  – professionalism was hard to keep with breaking rubber bands pinging around the room and me getting in a sweat trying to put the right pieces back in the right size bubble wrap, all while talking ‘calmly’ about myself, my work, my business – not. The gallery did take most of the work so I didn’t have to re -wrap many but I decided enough was enough – time to upgrade. I am already in love with them and can highly recommend them – they weren’t as expensive as I’d expected – you can get them here if you’re interested.

Have good weekend, Claire x